A New Beginning for St. Anthony

After being closed for 4 years, 2006-2010, St. Anthony opened again on the 1st. Advent in 2010.    The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ took charge of this new project. We praise God for giving us the Grace! We are forever grateful to all dedicated volunteers and generous contractors who did all the repairs, renovations, and innovations!  The opening of the Clothes and Food Pantry in 2011 has developed into the best outreach for the poor in this area ever. We are providing basic necessities of clothes, food, hygienes, including furniture, kitchenware, and household items.  Since the opening, it has reached over 10,000 people.                                                 


 St. Anthony is dedicated to all people who seek a loving God, and all people of good will. The Loving Spirit of Saints: Anthony, Clare, and Francis are alive!

The list shows the repairs, renovations, and innovations since 2010. Many projects have been done since then, the new Grotto dedicated our Lady of Lourdes, the total overhaul of the Clothes and Food Pantry, roof repairs, pipe repairs, flooring, walls, etc. etc.

Below are only some pictures showing of the many repairs and ongoing renovations that have been done since 2010.

PS:  A few pictures are not so good in quality, because I took pictures of  pictures from the old Nokia phone in 2010. We could not find a transmitter to download  pictures. The rest of the pictures are good!

Below's page "Church" of first 3 years repairs and renovations, followed by ongoing work over the years and continuous work shown with some pictures! 


  • Major Church Flooring project and pews installed -plaster work

  • ongoing roof repairs, including gutters and downspouts -Church side stairs replacement

  • Front main entrance stairs repairs -Electrical indoor and outdoor installations

  • New iron fence of 365 feet erected

  • New Side Altar of St. Francis installed

  • Marble Altar of Sacrifice installed

  • Pipe Organ repairs

  • Insulation project Church and Monastery

  • Security windows for Church & Monastery

  • Repointing brickwork of Church towers, and entire building complex

  • Sound system upgraded

  • repairs of bell swings

  • Carillon System installed in left Bell Tower 


  • flooring carpets & tiles: hallways, offices

  • major plumbing repairs, and painting throughout

  • ongoing heating repairs

  • Out door tree and tree stump removals,

  • Community Garden reopening

  • Beautification projects on Church grounds

  • water preserve project for Garden

  • St. Francis water fountain installed

  • School memorial erected

  • Opening of Clothes and Food Pantry serving in 14 month time 2,500 people

  • Scraping, cleaning and painting of all Church windows

The church interior was changed in the 1970s. We changed the interior entirely back to its original beauty, including a lot of sweat and prayers.


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The Detroit Muscle Crew II from Mitch Albom's "Hole in the Roof Foundation" replaced 18 windows that were over a hundred years old, and repairs on several doors. We are so blessed and forever grateful!!
Thank you guys for your hard work!!
Thank you Mitch and Jo'Ann, many blessings to you all!!

September 2017

Old Church doors replaced with steel doors. A heartfelt Thank you to Mike and his crew! What an amazing job!! Thank you Guys from all of us!

 We moved the communion railing (it was added to the Sanctuary about 20 years after the church was built) to the left and right. The gentlemen did a great job!
The new opening is an invitation to all to take more part in the Eucharistic Sacrifice of our Lord and Savior.

Continued Roof repairs

2019 Repairs and Maintenance

New repairs in 2021

After a heavy unforeseen storm hit in November 2020 the bell towers and their upper windows, and some brick work, we needed to start with repairs that lasted into mid 2021

New storm repairs in early 2022

Shower repairs

More Galvanized pipes replaced

Old Pipe underneath the church burst again, just before Christmas 2021. And Water heater broke down, cold water for 1 week.

March 16th, 2022

Roof Repairs of the Church East Side Nave after heavy winds ripped of parts of the roof.

October 17, 2022

Electrical Repairs around the buildings

May 23rd, 2023

Ongoing roof repairs 

Wiring project for the new video live-stream project 2023