Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony Church Family

New Order of St. Francis and St. Clare NOSF


Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony 

Cathedral Abbey and USA Clergy, Brothers and Sisters:

Ecumenical Primate, The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, 

Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig, D.Min., 

Superior General of the New Order of St. Francis and Saint Clare, NOSF.

Archbishop Dr. Tony Scuderi, NOSF
Provincial for the USA Franciscan Province

Archbishop Michael (MI/FL)

Bishop Jeffrey (TX)

Bishop Edik (CA)

Priests and Deacons:

Msgr. Tom Roberts, NOSF

Fr. Emmanuel, NOSF

Fr. Rogelio, NOSF (+In memoriam 2021)

Fr. Frank, NOSF (PA)

Fr. Anthony, OFM (OH)

Fr. Lee (OK)

Fr. Mike E.

Fr. Gonzalo (NY)

Fr. Jacob (TX)

Music Directors: Kathy B.

New Order of St. Francis & St. Clair Sisters & Brothers:

Sr. Maria Benedicta, NOSF

Sr. Maria Theresa of Jesus, NOSF

Sr. Maria Tate, NOSF (Retirement Care)

Br. Ken, NOSF

Br. Morgan, NOSF

Br. Eric 

Br. George

Br. Forry (PA)

Br. Abel (TX)

Br. Mark G. (WI)


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: Br. Ken, Br. Morgan.

Preparation for the Diaconate: Br. Eric

Altar Society and Sacristy: Sr. Theresa, Caroline

Altar Server Society: Dave

Altar Servers: Sylvin, Dave, Br. Eric, Br. Morgan

Welcoming Committee: Barbara, Mary

Mass Introduction and Announcements: Br. Morgan, Br. Eric

Ushers (Collection): Mary, Lisa, Barbara, Sr. Theresa. Br. George
Sunday Social Hour Servers: MaryAnneBr. Morgan, Sr. Theresa, Mary, Lisa, Brenda
Readers: Dwayne, George, Jaylyn, Br. Morgan, Janice,  Spanish: Valeria, Fabian, Christopher 

Sunday School and Bible Study: Br. Morgan

AA Meetings: Br. Morgan,

Al Anon Meetings: Shuffy

Buildings Maintenance: +Karl

Garden Committee: Dave, Reggie, Melvin, Ken

Monastery Cleaning Services: Sr. Theresa, Sr. Maria, Renato

Social Services:

Food Pantry and Clothing Pantry: 

Lisa, Renato, Mary, Deborah, Br. Morgan, Shuffy, Christian, Sr. Theresa, +Karl,  

Neighborhood Outreach: +Karl, Br. Morgan, Felisha 

St. Anthony Village Committee: Felisha, Rhonda, Devin

Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony


5247 Sheridan Street

Detroit, MI 48213

PH: 313-279-5561

Email Address:

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New Order of St. Francis & St. Clare (NOSF)  

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