Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony Church Family

New Order of St. Francis and St. Clare NOSF


Primate Archbishop and Prior of the Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony

Most Rev. ++Dr. Karl Rodig, D. Min., Mag. Theol., NOSF

Spiritual DirectorFr. Emmanuel, NOSF

Music Director: Jeremy

In Residence:

+Bishop Dr. Laura Marie Grimes, Ph.D.

Pastor for Liturgy/Worship Arts and Seminary Training                                                                                  

Assistant Music Director


Sr. Maria Benedicta, NOSF                                                                                                                      Sr. Maria Theresa of Jesus, NOSF                                                                                                            Sr. Maria Fabiola, NOSF                                                                                                                        Sr. Mary Carolyn, Novitiate, NOSF


Br. Ken, NOSF
Br. Philipp, NOSF
Br. Morgan, NOSF
Br. Marc, NOSF

Candidates for the Diaconate: Sr. Carolyn and Br. Morgan

Cathedral Parish Staff

Parish Council President:  Carolyn

Secretary: Br. Ken

Director: Fr. Emmanuel

Treasurers: Barbara, Juanita

Director: Morgan 

Director: Gregory

Director of Music: Jeremy

Cantor: Samantha

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist:   Carolyn, Eric, Br. Ken

Preparation for the Diaconate:  Br. Morgan, Sr. Carolyn

Altar ServersRamal, Fin

Readers:  Carolyn, Gregory, Morgan, Juanita

Sunday School: Br. Morgan

Clothes and Food Pantry:               Garden Committee:                   Social Hour Society  

Philip, Loraine, Jeanie, Carolyn, Shuffy,           Fr. Emmanuel, Dave, Philip                     Dilani, Sr. Theresa, Sr.  Maria, Barbara, Morgan, Juanita, Aaron, David                        Gregory                                     Martha, Juanita, Marc, Barbara, Juanita                                                                                                                                               Shuffy, Ramal                                                                           


Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony


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