Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony Church Family

New Order of St. Francis and St. Clare NOSF

Cathedral of St. Anthony Services

Cathedral Parish Staff:

Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig, Ecumenical Primate of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ (ECCC)

Archbishop Coadjutor: Archbishop Kimo Keawe, Nuncio for the Western U.S., Hawaii, Samoa and Pacific Rim, Chancellor of St. Anthony Liturgical House of Studies

Assistant Pastors:

Fr. Emmanuel

Retired visiting Bishop: Michael L.

Music Director: Dr. David Carle

Parish Council President: Sr. Carolyn

Secretary: Br. Ken

Board of Directors: Aaron, Ann Marie, Jessica, Martha, Br. David, Gregory, Br. Morgan

Treasurers: Barbara, Sr. Carolyn, Jack, Juanita

New Order of St. Francis & St. Clair Sisters & Brothers:

Sr. Maria Benedicta, NOSF

Sr. Maria Theresa of Jesus, NOSF

Sr. Mary Carolyn, Novitiate, NOSF

Br. David, NOSF

Br. Ken, NOSF

Br. Morgan, NOSF


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: Br. Ken, Sr. Carolyn, Br. David, Br. Morgan.

Preparation for the Diaconate: Br. Morgan, Sr. Carolyn

Altar Society and Sacristy: Sr. Maria, Sr. Theresa

Altar Server Society: Ann Marie, Jessica

Altar Servers: Aiden, Filomena, Finn, Noah, Ramal

Welcoming Committee: Barbara, Aaron, Ann Marie, Jessica, Juanita

Mass Introduction and Announcements: Sr. Carolyn, Br. David, Br. Ken

Gifts for Offertory: Ann Marie, Barbara, Dave, Gregory, Jessica, Jim, Judy, Dr. Barbara, Lenard 

Ushers (Collection): Barbara, Gregory, Aaron, Paul

Sunday Social Hour Servers: Ann Marie, Barbara, Sr. Carolyn, Janna, Jessica, Lisa, Martha, Br. Ken, Sr. Theresa, Sr. Maria, Lisa

Readers: Sr. Carolyn, Br. David, Gregory, Juanita, Br. Morgan, Ann Marie

Sunday School: Br. Morgan

AA Meetings: Br. Morgan,

Al Anon Meetings: Shuffy

Buildings Maintenance: +Karl

Garden Committee: Aaron, Br. David, Dr. Barbara, Gregory, Rev. Sarah

Monastery Cleaning Services: Sr. Theresa, Sr. Maria, Janna

Social Services:

Canvassing Project: Gregory, Br. Morgan, Will

Food Pantry: Bishop Karl, Phil

Clothing Pantry: 

Ann, Ann Marie, Barbara, Sr. Carolyn, Janice, Jean, Jessica, Juanita, Lorrayne, Lucy, Sr. Maria, Br. Morgan, Phil, Shuffy, Sr. Theresa

Neighborhood Outreach: +Karl, Br. Morgan

Tutoring: Sr. Carolyn, Br. David

Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony


5247 Sheridan Street

Detroit, MI 48213

PH: 313-279-5561

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