Welcome To the Cathedral of St. Anthony


 Welcome to St. Anthony

Serving God through 3 Centuries since 1857

The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ

 Credit of picture above Mr. Mark Hall 

Credit for picture above Mr. Zachariah Blackerby

                Credit for picture above, Mr. Mark Hall

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Credit for Picture: Mr. Zachariah Blackerby

Mission Statement

The Cathedral Church Family of Saint Anthony is centered in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, anchored in the Holy Bible, and nourished by the Sacraments. It proclaims, witnesses and shares the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. As the mother church of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, our liturgical services and community efforts shall advance the peaceful and continued building of the Kingdom of God. In our ecumenical relationships with other denominations, we celebrate unity to the glory of our loving God.



Chapel of St. Francis and St. Clare

           100 Parson Street, 2nd Floor 
            Midtown Detroit behind DSO

Come and Celebrate

With our Faith  Family 

All are welcome, and we mean it!

We want to put our beliefs into action

 In all aspects of Life.

We are an inclusive and affirming

Catholic Congregation of seekers and

 Believers, we embrace innovation and

 Open-minded conversation.

All created equal by our loving God 

who Empowers us to be a 

Community of Faith,

Hope, Love and Peace. 

Come and join us


Sunday Mass  

11:00 AM

Tuesday Mass

10:00 AM

Chapel of St. Francis and St. Clare

100 Parson Street, 2nd Floor 

Midtown Detroit

Other Weekdays 8:30 AM in the Monastery Chapel

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  Church  St  Anthony

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The New Order of St. Francis and St. Clare

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Think about, we are all the human family and in need of Love, not hatred. May we all understand the ultimate source of our Existence that we are created equal by a loving God.

5247 Sheridan Street, 

Detroit, MI 48213

From I-94, take Van Dyke Exit, go down to Gratiot, turn right, and right again on Sheridan

St. Anthonhy of Padua 

The Patron of our Cathedral 


Feast Day: June 13

Born 1995

Death 1231

 9 month after his death, he was declared a Saint.

"These symbolize (Proverbs 30:14) the greedy and usurers whose teeth are swords and knifes which they use to devour the poor and steal their meager possessions. All of them are children of this world who consider the children of light to be stupid and believe themselves to be the prudent ones. Their prudence is their death." Saint Anthony of Padua

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