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Serving God's People through 3 Centuries since 1857

Come, celebrate, and worship with us!

Cathedral Services

Sunday and High Holidays 

Mass: 11:00 AM

Sunday Laudes 10:30 AM in the Cathedral

Confessions: Sundays: 10:15 to 10:45 AM

Sunday School after Sunday Mass



    Morning Prayer (Laudes): 

8:30 AM followed by daily Mass Monastery Chapel

2nd Tuesday of the Month 

Midtown St. Francis and St. Clare Chapel

100 Parson Street Behind the DSO

Mass 10:00 AM  


St. Anthony Nursing home

Mass 10:00 AM


Eucharistic Adoration 

11:45 AM


Bible Studies 

Monastery Classroom 

 2:00 PM 


Neighborhood Canvassing Seminar Projects

 To Save Homes from Foreclosure
Monastery Classroom 
 10:00 AM 

Every Second Saturday 

Clothes and Food Pantry:

11:00 AM - 1:15 PM


AA meeting 

1:30 PM in the social area


Al Anon meeting 

1:30 PM in the Classroom of the Monastery 


Sunday School: 

12:30 AM

Chapel of St. Francis and St. Clare

  100 Parson Street, 2nd Floor, Detroit, MI Midtown Detroit, Behind The Symphony