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November 15, 2020

We had a raging storm that damaged the roof of one of our bell towers. Prayers and financial support is deeply appreciated. Please make your donations out to: Cathedral St. Anthony

Mail to:

Cathedral of St. Anthony
5247 Sheridan Street
Detroit, MI, 48213

Thank you from all of our hearts!

 October 2020 Fall Cleanup in Garden and Grounds of St. Anthony. Special Thanks to Dr. Barbara, Patty, Renato, Dave, his crew, and bishop Karl for your hard work to make St. Anthony shine, being ready for the colder season.

August 5th, Saint Afra, A. D. 2020

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Peace to you, Sisters and Brothers in Christ!

Hope you are all doing well in this time of the pandemic. It does give us time of reflection and soul searching.
My prayer life has increased. God is leading in all.

I wanted to share with you a survey that I already too. As you know we are also consultors of the CCRI (Catholic Church Reform International) that has members of Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations as well.

The Reform issues that are shown the ones we have also in our Manifesto from 1999. 
Please answer the survey, it would be a great help to foster the reforms within the Roman Church and the desire of so many Catholics to see a new Face of the Church.

Thank you.


I wanted also to welcome a New Congregation of Sisters in India who are joining our New Order of St. Francis, NOSF. Special thanks to our Nuncio for Asia, Archbishop Dr. Sunny Alappat who is guiding them and also will be their Superior as the Metropolitan Archbishop of India. 

We also congratulate Fr. Adalberto from Cuba who was ordained by our Archbishop Agostino Caro in Licata, Italy. 

We also welcome Fr. Frank Souza who is joining our worldwide Communion. He currently lives in Pennsylvania.

With my prayers for you all
Be blessed in our Good Lord
And stay safe in these trying times.


Blessed Feast of St. Anthony
June 13th, A. D. 2020

Dear all, 

We have reopened our Sunday Services for 11:00 AM

We following strictly the guidelines for social distancing in the Sanctuary.

Church staffers will guide you at the entrance, and Sanitizers are also at the entrance that must be used before entering the Sanctuary, if you don't have a mask, we provide it.
Thank you! 

Because of the spread of the COVIT19 Virus, the Food pantry will be still closed because the small hallway allies make it impossible to keep social distancing in the Pantry.(We do will handout food packages and clothes as needed to our immediate neighbors). 

We are doing this in accordance with the Governor's office and the recommendation of the health departments.

Easter , A. D. 2020

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Alleluja, Alleluja, Christus resurrexit vere. 

The Peace of the Risen Christ be with you all, dear brothers and sisters in the service of the Lord, and all our beloved faithful around the World, 
wishing you all a blessed and joyous Easter!

    God has entered the world in His beloved Son, taking on and sharing our humanity while not leaving His Divinity. He walked among us as the living Word, preaching the Good News, suffering for us in unspeakable agony and humiliation, torture and cruel death in order to bring Salvation for us. He rose triumphantly from the dead, and sent us the Holy Spirit who groans within us in our earthly suffering as we joyful await His coming in Glory facing our own resurrection through Him.
    Easter is the feast that unites Heaven and Earth, the spiritual world and the earthly world. Easter is the moment that turns doubts into a manifestation of faith, showing that we cannot live by earthly evidence only, but by a spiritual awakening that shows that we are a New Creation in God. 
    Easter is the Feast of the New and Everlasting Covenant that God has given us. It can never be reversed as it is God's sworn promise, sealed with His Son's own blood. Therefore this once and for all given Sacrifice established the new and everlasting Priesthood that has replaced the old priestly order and of a royal people that are freed from sin, sharing His Kingdom.
    Easter is our response in faith to a spiritual reality that seeks God first in all our  wanting and doing. 
    Easter is the beginning of a new life in this world reminding us that we are stuarts of God's creation and not dominators and destroyers of it. 
    The three pictures you see on top of the letter shall remind us that Jesus is always near in our suffering, and with the empty tomb we have the chance to rethink our ways of life, including our ways of how to see mother Nature, not to exploit it in our selfish, self absorbed and greed driven ways...We need to respect Creation more than ever, including the the dignity and respect to the animal world. 
    We have again reached a cross road for humanity as we face deadly deseases that affect the whole world. We keep wondering how to survive in all of this as we face the devastating consequences. We are compelled to see our life in a new way, to correct so many of our bad decisions...
    How important is it that we see in this Easter Message of the Risen Lord, "Peace be with you, my Peace I leave you, and My Peace I give you" a message that is based on Love, a call to a new world in which we care and serve each other in Love and Peace. 
    How devastating is it when we face daily lies that control our world! I mentioned in one of the bulletins for Lent that we live in a post-truth era: entire nations are being misled, misinformed, and betrayed by ideological forces that make us believe in an alternative reality causing more suffering, showing disregard for the environment, in the end leading to a self-destructive behavior of humanity. One of the causes: An egocentric and self absorbed person with a narcissistic behavior that is driven by a self-made truth and reality. This person will do everything to dominate and to suppress the sincere desire for a deeper truth. This person will attack the facts, deny the evidence, mislead, confuse entire people, a constant liar in order to support its self-serving purpose...Such behavior evidently has demonic and evil roots. Only by the Grace of God can we as faithful see through it, not to follow blindly such a selfish person. And yet, many follow such a person as proven over and over in the history of humanity.   
    The Resurrection of Christ with its divine presence among us encourages all people to face their demons, to awaken the Goodness within us, and to look towards new horizons in order to be a better human race that prays in the Holy Spirit to renew the Earth in a true Sisterhood and Brotherhood. 
    For many of us around the world this Easter is so different. For the first time in our lives we are confined to our rooms, and sometimes frightened of what will happen next...
    It reminds me on the disciples after the crucifixion hiding in a room out of fear for the forces that can kill them...(As we say there is light at the end of the dark tunnel). It needed the presence of the Lord to remind them that they shall not be afraid, and that they had a task to fulfill to preach the Gospel and to be witnesses of the resurrection. He is alive, was the new message! He is not among the dead, but the living. We shall rise with Him! Here on earth we shall rise once again for the sake of the Gospel of the risen Lord to find ways to walk in a new togetherness toward the Kingdom. The current confinements give us an opportunity to reflect and find better ways and means for a humanity that cares for all, where the rich share with the poor, where we see more clearer that we are all together in this, not just a few privileged, where we rethink our behavior towards God and His creation so that future Generations can still live the dream of a dignified and caring life. One of our elderly homeless to whom I brought food over the past weeks has inspired me in so many ways as he wrote me with such a sincere heart words of faith and encouragement. He found in our church a place that gave him dignity and respect, a place where he could live the remaining years of his life in a loving church community. 
    Easter is our Hope for our own resurrection. We share this hope with each other being assured in our faith that this current situation will pass, that our Life is not defined by death, but by God's enduring Love that has conquered death. 

I wish you all from the bottom of my heart a Blessed and Joyous Easter !
May you all have the courage of faith to live toward a better future and care for each other as Christ cared for us giving us the promise that we are not left behind like orphans, but that we are called to be followers of this New Covenant of a holy people reconciled with God.

 With my prayers and apostolic benedictions until we shall see us again,
Ecumenical Primate


On March 11th, A. D. 2020, the day of Saints Fina of San Gimignano and Euthymius II of Novgorod, We signed the Tomos with The Apostolic Orthodox Church of Russia represented by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Moscow and Primate, His Grace, Vitaliy Kujevatov. We welcome wholeheartedly our brothers and sisters in to our worldwide Church Communion. I wanted to give special thanks to our Nuncio for Eastern and Northern Europe, H. E. Archbishop ++Hristo Pissarov for his tireless work to have made this happen by the Grace of God!

Over the past years, we have signed 2 Tomos and 2 Concordats of Full Union with Orthodox churches of the East: The Orthodox Church of Bulgaria, Ukraine, and two Russian Orthodox Churches. 

May God bless our work toward Unity in diversity. 

We welcome our new brother for the NOSF, Rev. Akos Konya, his wife and two sons into our Church. He serves as Hospital Chaplain in Hungary. May you all be blessed! 

We welcome our new priests in India Fr. Philip Peter Lopez, Fr. Johnson Tomas!  Blessings to the ordination of Rev. Shinto. This brings the number of Priests for our beloved Church in India to 15. 
Thanks to our good archbishop and Nuncio for Asia, ++Dr. Sunny Alappat who works tirelessly.  

We welcome Fr. Frank Souza from the Orthodox Church who was referred to me by my good friend, H. E. Archbishop Mar Melchisedek.

Synod: Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, our Nuncio for Asia and I have decided to postpone the Synod to 2021. 
That means all other synods will follow a year later as well.


March 14th, A. D. 2020

Dear all, 
Because of the spread of the COVIT19 Virus, we suspending our Sunday Services and Food pantry until further notice.
We are doing this in accordance with the Governor's office and the recommendation of the health departments.
This is hard for all of us, but we have to be realistic that for health reason and to be on the save side, this could be for many a life or death situation.
The Church bulletins will still be posted on Facebook and our Websites.

We will resume our Church Services for Holy Week unless the situation is too dangerous and we are obligated by the state to keep closed.

Cathedral of St. Anthony Communique Reducing the spread of infection: Clergy and congregation 

 You should always practice good hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. Hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene are a series of actions to take which are designed to reduce the spread of disease, including COVID-19, to yourself and others. These actions include regular handwashing and covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or the bend of your elbow when you cough or sneeze.

Hand hygiene: Wash your hands regularly. You should wash your hands: after coughing or sneezing before, during and after you prepare food before eating after using the toilet before and after caring for sick individuals when hands are dirty after handling animals or animal waste Wash your hands with soap and running water when hands are visibly dirty. If your hands are not visibly dirty, wash them with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub. Respiratory hygiene: Cover your mouth and nose with a clean tissue when you cough and sneeze and then promptly dispose of the tissue in a bin and wash your hands. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into the bend of your elbow instead, not into your hands. Posters on preventing spread of infection are available on the HPSC website. Settings where religious services take place, including churches, should take the following actions

Religious leaders/clergy and congregation not to attend if they are ill. Supply tissues and alcohol based hand gel at religious services/gatherings. Provide bins for disposal of tissues at religious gatherings. Ensure hand-washing facilities, including soap and disposable towels, are well maintained. Ensure all hard surfaces that are frequently touched, such as door handles, hand rails, taps and pews are cleaned regularly with a household detergent. Have a plan for how the church will continue or suspend its activities in the event of religious leaders/clergy becoming ill with COVID-19. Religious leader/clergy administrations to sick laity should be carefully managed

Physical interaction during religious services, e.g. Sign of Peace

Most physical interaction during religious services, e.g. shaking hands while exchanging the ‘Sign of Peace’ in Christian religious services, involves a low risk of spreading the virus especially if members of the congregation who are unwell do not attend religious services while they are ill. However, because COVID-19 is a new disease that has not been seen in people before, we need to exercise extreme caution to limit the spread of the virus. Current information suggests that COVID-19 can spread easily between people and could be spread from an infected person even before they develop any symptoms. For these reasons we suggest that physical interaction during religious services, including the Sign of Peace, should be suspended. For Christian religious services, the priest may choose to give the congregation permission to carry out an alternative Sign of Peace that does not involve hand contact (such as smile/ nod/ bow) if so wished. The practice of shaking hands on greeting and departure at religious services/ gatherings should be suspended for both religious leaders/clergy and laity.

Communion Using communal vessels for food and drink during religious services, e.g. drinking from the Chalice during Holy Communion in Christian services To minimise the risk of spread of infection, the use of communal vessels should be suspended. For example, during Holy Communion in Christian religious services only the celebrant should drink from the Chalice. No one else should drink from the Chalice – this includes other priests, ministers of the Eucharist and members of the congregation. Alternatives to direct sharing of the Chalice should also be AVOIDED including: 1.Intinction, i.e.:  the Communion wafer is dipped in the Chalice and administered into the hand or the Communion wafer is administered into the communicant’s hand and they dip it into the Chalice. 2.Distribution of Communion wine through individual small cups Everyone administering Holy Communion should wash their hands or use alcohol based hand gel before beginning. Holy Communion should be administered into the hands only and NOT onto the tongue

Thank you, Health and Blessings +Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig

December 26th, A. D. 2019
Welcome to our Church, Ewan Christopher, in the Sacrament of Baptism.
Your smile made us all happy. You and your family be blessed richly!

Christmas, Navidad, Natale, Noel 2019 

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Hodie, Christus Natus est, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
Et Pax Hominibus bonae voluntatis.
Gloria in Excelsis Deo! 
Merry Christmas! 
Geseënde Kersfees en 'n gelukkige nuwe jaar
Albanian:  Gëzuar Krishlindjet Vitin e Ri!
Germany: Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein Gesegnetes Neues Jahr Euch allen Nah und Fern.
Möge der Friede Christi in Euere Herzen einziehen!
Arabic: ميلاد مجيد
Bulgaria: Весела Коледа и благословена Нова година
Armenian:  Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Soorp Janunt
Esturian:  Bones Navidaes & Gayoleru anu nuevu! 
Belgium:  Zalige Kertfeest   
Catalán:  Bon Nadal i feliç any nou!
Croatia:  Sretan Bozic! Blagoslovljena i radosna božićna sezona, zdravlje i mir u novoj godini
Danmark: Glædelig Jul og godt nytår
English:  Merry Christmas o Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year
Esperanto:  Gajan Kristnaskon & Bonan Novjaron
Estonian: Rõõmsaid Jõulupühi ja Head uut aastat
Finland:  Hauskaa JouluaFrance: Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année! 
Galic: Nadolig LlawenGallego: Bon Nadal e Bo Ani Novo
Georgian: გილოცავთ შობა-ახალ წელს
Holand:  Hartelijke Kerstroeten

Hawaiian: Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou
Hebrew:  חג מולד שמח
                 Hungary: Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket és Boldog újévet!
Greek: Καλά Χριστούγεννα!
Indonesia: Selamat Hari Natal & Selamat Tahun Baru 
   Irland: (Gaelic)
Nollaig shona duit. Bliain úr faoi shéan is faoi mhaise duit 
Italy:  Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo
Japan: メリークリスマス
Latin: Pax Hominibus bonae voluntatis
 Lituania: Linksmu Kaledu ir laimingu Nauju metu
Luxemburg:  Schéi Krëschtdeeg an e Schéint Néi Joer
Malaysia:  Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru
Maori: Meri Kirihimete
Norway:  Gledelig Jul
Navajo:Ya'at'eeh Keshmish
 Basque- Zorionak eta Urte Berri On!
Philippines: (Tagalog): Maligayang Pasko
Poland:  Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
Portugal: Boas Festas e um Feliz Ano Novo
Rumania:  Craciun fericit si un An Nou fericit!
Russin: Pozdravlyenie s Rozjdyestvom i s Novym Godom!
Samoan:Manuia le Kerisimasi, ma le Tausaga Fou
Serbia: Hristos se rodi
Slowenia: Vesel božič in srečno novo leto
Somalia: ciid wanaagsan iyo sanad cusub oo fiican.
Spain: Feliz Navidadl! Feliz Año Nuevo!
Que Cristo La Luz del Mundo sea presente in sus corazones por siempre!
Sri Lanka: Subha Nattalak Veva 

Swahili: Krismasi Njema / Heri ya krismas. Heri ya mwaka mpya  Wapendwa, Noeli iko mlangoni! 
Nawatakieni wote heri sana na baraka kwa sikukuu hii ya Noeli.  Aidha nawaombeeni mwaka mpya wa furaha, na mafaniko.
Sweden: God Jul och Gott Nytt År
Tahiti:  La ora i te Noere e ia ora na i te matahiti 'a
Tamil:Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal
Turkey:  Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
Valencia: Bon Nadal i feliç any nou
Thai: Suk san wan-krit-maat lae sa-wat-dee bpee mai 
Turkish: Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun; Yeni Yilnizi Kutar, saadetler dilerim 
Ukrainian: Srozhdestvom Kristovym 
Vietnamese: Mung Le Giang Sinh. Cung Chuc Tan Nien Welsh - Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Peace and Joy to you all, beloved brothers and sisters or of our Worldwide Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ!

Wishing you all a very blessed and joyous Christmas Season, Health and Peace in A. D. 2020

    Many wonder how shall we celebrate the birth of Christ this year in a world that has become very self seeking? How do we enjoy a Christmas knowing that so many children worldwide starving to death dying in warthorne regions? How can we celebrate when we know that thousands of refugee and migrant families have been ripped apart, children and babies separated from their parents? How in a world that has become very obsessed with new forms of extremism and an obsession for nationalism creating waves of hate and xenophobia, racism and violence against minorities? Many other thoughts come through mind...

    Yet in all of this we see the light of Hope in the birth of our Savior, because he reminds us what it needs to be a child of God, poor, defenseless, having become a refugee fleeing to Egypt because of a rampant persecution of the innocent.

    Our celebration of Christ's birth, God's coming into this world, will only be a heartfelt encounter for us when we see this mystery in its totality: The joy that came to us in the divine incarnation of God in HIS beloved Son who was before all times, Emmanuel, God with us, and who is destined to sacrifice his life through divine love for all of humanity as an act of redemption and liberation is this very reality that only we can accept in a growing faith. This is what our heart seeks in prayerful and active devotion for our work of the Gospel.
    Every year we have the opportunity to grow a little bit more toward this divine Love that brings our personal suffering closer to God, wipes away our complaints and winning, and leads us to a deeper awareness of God's true presence in our lives.

It is my joy to know that we are all live and joined in this earthly pilgrimage through God's Grace bestowed on us as a people awaiting Christ's coming in Glory.
    May we all seek with a humble heart this human and divine Love from the Child of Bethlehem that greets us with the smile of God.

May you always walk in the brotherly and sisterly love with each other so to enter one day that heavenly door to eternity. 
With my Prayers and benedictions,


Prayers of thanksgiving to our new bishops in Africa:
Cameroon: Metropolitan Archbishop Jean of the Resurrection in our new Archdiocese in Yaounde.
Bishop Elect (consecration in January 2020), Msgr. Amou Didier for the Prelature of the Order of The Companions of St. Augustine. Many blessings to you all!

Nigeria, Delta Region: Congratulations to the consecration of our First Bishop in Nigeria, Bishop Celestine Ewerum Onyekach. Many blessings!

Kenya: Bishop John Karimi has been appointed through our Nuncio for Africa, H. E. Archbishop Godfrey Siundu to lead the vacant archdiocese of Nairobi, Kenya. Many Blessings!

We welcome the new priest, Fr. Rajkumar and Fr. Philip Lopez into our Metropolitan Archdiocese of India.
We congratulate our Archbishop Dr. Sunny and his priests for the expansion of our Church into Mumbai.

The Philippines:
We welcome our new bishops, +Reynaldo Prima, +Juanito Tolentino, +Freddy C. Manucan, +Arthuro Banares Costilla
We thank Bishop Manuel for all his good work for our missions in the Philippines.

We congratulate Archbishop Agostino and his clergy for expanting in to Rome, Calabria and the North.

Costa Rica
We welcome our new Brother, Fray Carlos Centeno Prendas for our Franciscan Order NOSF

We welcome Fr. Julio at our Cathedral as Spiritual director for the Monastery and helping to reach out to the Hispanic community. We welcome our new members for the New Order of St. Francis, Br. Sam who is preparing for the ordinations to the diaconate and priesthood, Br. Michael, retired clergy.
Texas: We welcome Fr. Marty and his missions in Texas into our Church.

Synod planning:
I am sharing an excerpt of a letter to our Nuncios in regard to reflect and accommodate Continental Synods instead of a worldwide Synod:

I wanted to take the occasion to communicate with you about the situation of our Synod that I announced a Year ago.
As you know, we were planning a worldwide Synod for 2020.

There are a few reasons that have emerged that changes the situation and calls for a different approach. Instead of having at this time a worldwide Synod, we should plan on Continental Synods instead. With some I have already communicated via phone. 
Some of the reasons are:

Many of our bishops and clergy work in ministries with little income and have not the financial means to travel to other continents. And there are also Visa restrictions that are problems for many.

The Continental Synods are for:

I. Asia, including India, The Philippines, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka

II. African Continent

III. Europe and Eastern Europe, including, Gerogia, Ukraine, and Russia

IV. Latin American 

V. North America

It is very helpful that we plan accordingly on a timeline:

I ask you to share with me and each other within the next 3 month an agreed timeline for each continental Synod.
The Synods can be spread over a year, so I would be able to attend each Synod appropriately. So we would have by the Summer of 2021 the Final Document.

The Continental Synods will:



And Elaborate on the local pastoral situations for each country. 

Through different workshops in prayerful and active meetings, the results will be presented to:

The Plenary Sessions of the continental Synods.

This will bring the necessary and new pastoral approaches to light in order to fulfill the Evangelization under Christ's Command for our time. 

Once all 5 Synods are completed, we can put the results together and have a final binding Document issued to share with all involved. 

This Document will be of uttermost importance as it will create a new Pastoral Plan for 
our ECCC. 

December 14, 2019

We had Santa at our church. Was a wonderful event for our children. The joy was great among them and their parents. Thank you to all our volunteers and thank you to all our donors! It took a lot of time to prepare everything. It is worth every minute! Some pictures below.

 December 3rd, 2019

We had one of the best meetings one can expect from advocates against capital punishment. You all remember the movie based on Sr. Helen Prejan’s book, “Dead Man walking”. Her life’s vivid encounters with death row inmates has ignited a new awakening that the government cannot take a person’s life, called capital punishment. This would be and always has been murder by the state ! Her presentation was beyond words. May God bless her efforts for many years to come!

May we see more clearly what Pope Francis wrote on August 2nd, 2018 about capital punishment: “ The death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person,” and the Church “works with determination for its abolition worldwide.” Archbishop Karl, Archbishop Kimo, and Fr. Julio attended the meeting.

Thanksgiving 2019

Our Thanksgiving dinner for the poor was very emotional as they expressed their gratitude finding love, understanding and care in our church of St. Anthony. Thank you Jesus whom I saw today in so many faces! Be all blessed! Thank you all our volunteers for being there, especially Archbishop Kimo, Janna, Fr. Julio, Br. Morgan, Shuffy, Sr. Theresa, Lisa, brothers and sisters.

October 6th, A. D. 2019

As we celebrated our Patron Saint Francis, we also remembered our oldest member, Josefa who passed away after her 102 birthday. She was a wonderful Spirit among us. Many came to pay their respect for her life. We will miss you greatly. Say Hello to Jesus for us. Safe Journey home to the Lord.

September 28th, A. D. 2019

Thank you all our volunteers, and the pharmacists from Wallgreens for offering free flu shots, for helping to make the church picnic a great day.
Special thanks to Br. Morgan and Gregory for organizing the food and outreach, Archbishop Kimo and his wife Janna, and Mark for the BBQ, Martha and Dr. Barbara, Sisters and Aaron for serving.
Feeding 150 people, many got their flu shots, the clothes and food pantry was providing as always free clothes, food packages, hygiene packages for all!
A wonderful day of community!


September 7, 2019

Annual Volunteer Trip on the Detroit River

We wanted to thank our volunteers for serving with all their hearts our community! 

Thank you all for your love for St. Anthony!


August 1st, 2019

Thank you all from SUMMER IN THE CITY and KEEP Growing Detroit for helping St. Anthony’s Garden and grounds clean up and restoring! Great job! Special thanks to Br. David, Aaron, Dr. Bárbara, Robyn Ussery and T !


July 9th 2019

Community meeting for our Neighborhood. We shall get 625 new jobs by a plant that is planed near our church. That is indeed good news, especially for our younger neighbors who need jobs!

Blessed Feast of St. Anthony to all!

Come and join us this coming Sunday, June 16th, 2019

 to a solemn mass 

For our Patron Saint 

At 11:00 AM.

5247 Sheridan Street, Detroit, MI 48213

June 1st, A. D. 2019

Congratulations to our Sister Carolyn and Br. Morgan for their graduation at the Ecumenical Seminary in Detroit!      Many blessings!

Peace be with you, Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ! 

    On this Solemnity of Pentecost let us to reflect a little bit on the Holy Spirit 2019

     As we know, The Holy Spirit is impossible to visualize, because the Spirit cannot be seen as such. Yet the Holy Spirit is profoundly real. Holy Spirit is impossible to visualize, be

      Many things in our universe are real even though invisible to the naked eye. What we see with our eyes is only a fraction of our physical world. The Holy Spirit belongs to the spiritual world, and it naturally cannot see the Spirit with our eyes. Yet, there are helpful ways of imagining the Holy Spirit. St Paul uses an image drawn from nature when he says that the Spirit bears fruit. He means the visible effect of the Spirit on one’s life. We may not be able to see the Holy Spirit, but we can see the effect of the Spirit in our life, just as we cannot see the wind but can see the effect of the wind on people and objects of various kinds. Paul is saying that wherever we find love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness and self-control, the Spirit is there at work. The Spirit becomes visible in and through these qualities and virtues. 

    The person who most of all had those qualities was Jesus because he was full of the Holy Spirit, full of the life of God. The Holy Spirit is essentially the very life of God, and that life is a life of love. It is that divine life, that divine love, which was poured out at Pentecost, initially on the first women and men with Mary in their midst, but through them on all who were open to receive this powerful and wonderful gift. Paul expresses it simply in his letter to the Romans, ‘God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us’. It is that Spirit of God’s love we have received who bears the rich fruit in our lives that Paul speaks about in today’s 2nd Reading. The Spirit is constantly at work in our lives, making us more like Jesus. Again, the ordinary, day to day expressions of goodness and kindness, of faithfulness and self-control, of patience and gentleness, are all manifestations of the Spirit that has been given to us by God. We can recognize the Spirit’s presence in the common happenings of everyday life. The spiritual is not something other-worldly; it is humanity at its best.

    Humanity is at its best in today’s first reading (Acts of the Apostles). Pentecost brought about a wonderful bonding of people from all over the Roman Empire. They were united in admiring and praising the marvels of God. In spite of differences of language and culture there was a real communion among them. Wherever communion of heart and mind exist among people of different backgrounds, the Holy Spirit is at work. Unity in diversity is the mark of the Spirit!

     Jesus points out another manifestation of the Spirit: the pursuit of truth. Only the Spirit can lead us to the complete truth. If someone is genuinely seeking for truth, and willing to engage in good works with others, there the Spirit is at work. Fullness of truth and love is always beyond us; but the Spirit is given to lead us towards the complete truth and love, in all its height and depth.

    All our communities around the world live with the Holy Spirit in our midst. When I visited our Church community in Licata, Italy this past May, I saw the Spirit of love and care, I saw the wonderful leadership of our Metropolitan Archbishop for Italy, H. E.++Agostino, the commitment of his clergy and the faithful to our cause of being an ecumenical catholic church that is here for all who seek a new dawn in the Church, an awakening through the Holy Spirit. (Some of the pictures I posted on Facebook: Karl Rodig, and our websites). It is especially a sign of the Holy Spirit to see our first Women Priest, Rev. Mother Raffaela in our Church. I asked myself often, why has the church ignored for so long the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of women in the Church. 

Thank you all for being loving and caring church communities where all are welcome finding a spiritual home of Love and acceptance, where diversity is a gift.

Let us all pray that the God send us the the gifts of the Holy Spirit that will lead us to a renewed and transformation in the Church for the salvation of all of God's beloved people. 

May we all seek this truth that the Holy Spirit shows us in order to come closer to God.

With my deep appreciation for all your service.

Remaining faithful yours,


Church News:


It is with great joy to announce the Intercommunion between the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ and the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch under the leadership of H. E. Presiding Bishop Mark Elliot Newman.


We welcome our newly ordained priests in Italy, Fr. Fortunato (Calabria) and Fr. Francesco (Turin) to the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Italy. Congratulations and blessings for your new ministry. We also congratulate, Rev. Gaetano on June 23rd, 2019 in Licata, Italy.

To all in our worldwide church:

Please work all on the ideas expressed in my apostolic Letter I sent you for Christmas for our Worldwide Synod. Location and Time are not set yet. Thank yo

¡La paz esté con ustedes, queridas hermanas y hermanos en Cristo!

    En esta solemnidad de Pentecostés, reflexionemos un poco sobre el Espíritu Santo. Como sabemos, el Espíritu Santo es imposible de visualizar, porque el Espíritu no puede ser visto como tal. Sin embargo, el Espíritu Santo es profundamente real.

    Muchas cosas en nuestro universo son reales aunque sean invisibles a simple vista. Lo que vemos con nuestros ojos es solo una fracción de nuestro mundo físico. El Espíritu Santo pertenece al mundo espiritual, y naturalmente no puede ver el Espíritu con nuestros ojos. Sin embargo, hay maneras útiles de imaginar al Espíritu Santo. San Pablo usa una imagen extraída de la naturaleza cuando dice que el Espíritu fructifica. Se refiere al efecto visible del Espíritu en la vida de uno. Es posible que no podamos ver el Espíritu Santo, pero podemos ver el efecto del Espíritu en nuestra vida, al igual que no podemos ver el viento, pero podemos ver el efecto del viento en personas y objetos de diversos tipos. Pablo está diciendo que dondequiera que encontremos amor, alegría, paz, paciencia, amabilidad, bondad, confianza, amabilidad y dominio propio, el Espíritu está allí trabajando. El Espíritu se hace visible en ya través de estas cualidades y virtudes.

    La persona que más que todo tenía esas cualidades era Jesús porque estaba lleno del Espíritu Santo, lleno de la vida de Dios. El Espíritu Santo es esencialmente la vida misma de Dios, y esa vida es una vida de amor. Es esa vida divina, ese amor divino, que se derramó en Pentecostés, inicialmente en las primeras mujeres y hombres con María en medio de ellos, pero a través de ellos en todos los que estaban abiertos para recibir este regalo poderoso y maravilloso. Pablo lo expresa simplemente en su carta a los romanos: "El amor de Dios se ha derramado en nuestros corazones a través del Espíritu Santo que se nos ha dado". Es el amor del Espíritu de Dios que hemos recibido quien da el rico fruto en nuestras vidas de lo que Pablo habla en la segunda lectura de hoy. El Espíritu está constantemente trabajando en nuestras vidas, haciéndonos más como Jesús. Nuevamente, las expresiones cotidianas de bondad y bondad, de fidelidad y autocontrol, de paciencia y gentileza, son todas manifestaciones del Espíritu que Dios nos ha dado. Podemos reconocer la presencia del Espíritu en los acontecimientos comunes de la vida cotidiana. Lo espiritual no es algo de otro mundo; Es la humanidad en su mejor momento.

    La humanidad está en su mejor momento en la primera lectura de hoy (Hechos de los Apóstoles). Pentecostés produjo una maravillosa unión de personas de todo el Imperio Romano. Se unieron admirando y alabando las maravillas de Dios. A pesar de las diferencias de idioma y cultura, hubo una verdadera comunión entre ellos. Dondequiera que exista comunión de corazón y mente entre personas de diferentes orígenes, el Espíritu Santo está obrando. ¡La unidad en la diversidad es la marca del Espíritu!

     Jesús señala otra manifestación del Espíritu: la búsqueda de la verdad. Solo el Espíritu puede llevarnos a la verdad completa. Si alguien está buscando genuinamente la verdad, y está dispuesto a participar en buenas obras con otros, allí el Espíritu está obrando. La plenitud de la verdad y el amor siempre está más allá de nosotros; pero el Espíritu es dado para guiarnos hacia la completa verdad y el amor, en toda su altura y profundidad.

    Todas nuestras comunidades alrededor del mundo viven con el Espíritu Santo entre nosotros. Cuando visité nuestra comunidad de la Iglesia en Licata, Italia, en mayo pasado, vi el Espíritu de amor y cuidado, vi el maravilloso liderazgo de nuestro Nuncio y Arzobispo Metropolitano para Italia, ++ Agostino, el compromiso de su clero y los fieles a nuestra causa de ser una iglesia católica ecuménica que está aquí para todos los que buscan un nuevo amanecer en la Iglesia, un despertar a través del Espíritu Santo. (Algunas de las fotos que publiqué en Facebook: Karl Rodig y nuestros sitios web). Es especialmente una señal del Espíritu Santo ver a nuestra primera mujer sacerdote, la Reverenda Madre Raffaela en nuestra Iglesia. Me preguntaba a menudo, ¿por qué la iglesia ha ignorado durante tanto tiempo los dones del Espíritu Santo en el ministerio de las mujeres en la Iglesia?

Gracias a todos por amar y cuidar las comunidades de la iglesia donde todos son bienvenidos a encontrar un hogar espiritual de Amor y aceptación, donde la diversidad es un regalo.

Oremos todos para que Dios nos envíe los dones del Espíritu Santo que nos conducirán a una renovación y transformación en la Iglesia para la salvación de todos los seres queridos de Dios.

Que todos podamos buscar esta verdad que el Espíritu Santo nos muestra para acercarnos más a Dios.

Con mi profundo agradecimiento por todos sus servicios.

Permaneciendo fiel tuyo,

+ Karl

Noticias de la Iglesia:


Es con gran alegría anunciar la Intercomunión entre la Iglesia de Cristo Ecuménica Católica y la Iglesia Católica Apostólica de Antioquía bajo el liderazgo de H. E. Obispo Presidente Mark Elliot Newman.


Damos la bienvenida a nuestros sacerdotes recién ordenados en Italia, el Padre. Fortunato (Calabria) y el P. Francisco (Turín) a la archidiócesis metropolitana de Italia. Felicitaciones y bendiciones por tu nuevo ministerio. También felicitamos al Rev. Gaetano el 23 de junio de 2019 en Licata, Italia.

A Todos en nuestra Iglesia mundial:

Por favor, trabaje en las ideas expresadas en mi Carta apostólica que le envié para Navidad para nuestro Sínodo Mundial. La ubicación y el tiempo aún no están establecidos. Gracias.

La pace sia con voi, care sorelle e fratelli in Cristo!

       In questa solennità di Pentecoste lasciateci riflettere un po 'sullo Spirito Santo. Come sappiamo, lo Spirito Santo è impossibile da visualizzare, perché lo Spirito non può essere visto come tale. Eppure lo Spirito Santo è profondamente reale.

      Molte cose nel nostro universo sono reali anche se invisibili ad occhio nudo. Ciò che vediamo con i nostri occhi è solo una frazione del nostro mondo fisico. Lo Spirito Santo appartiene al mondo spirituale e naturalmente non può vedere lo Spirito con i nostri occhi. Tuttavia, ci sono modi utili per immaginare lo Spirito Santo. San Paolo usa un'immagine tratta dalla natura quando dice che lo Spirito porta frutto. Intende l'effetto visibile dello Spirito sulla propria vita. Potremmo non essere in grado di vedere lo Spirito Santo, ma possiamo vedere l'effetto dello Spirito nella nostra vita, così come non possiamo vedere il vento ma possiamo vedere l'effetto del vento su persone e oggetti di vario genere. Paolo sta dicendo che ovunque troviamo amore, gioia, pace, pazienza, gentilezza, bontà, fiducia, gentilezza e autocontrollo, lo Spirito è lì all'opera. Lo Spirito diventa visibile in e attraverso queste qualità e virtù.

      La persona che più di tutte aveva queste qualità era Gesù perché era pieno dello Spirito Santo, pieno della vita di Dio. Lo Spirito Santo è essenzialmente la vita stessa di Dio, e quella vita è una vita d'amore. È quella vita divina, quell'amore divino, che fu riversato a Pentecoste, inizialmente sulle prime donne e uomini con Maria in mezzo a loro, ma attraverso loro su tutti coloro che erano aperti a ricevere questo dono potente e meraviglioso. Paolo lo esprime semplicemente nella sua lettera ai Romani: "L'amore di Dio è stato versato nei nostri cuori per mezzo dello Spirito Santo che ci è stato dato". È questo lo Spirito di amore di Dio che abbiamo ricevuto e che porta il ricco frutto nella nostra vita di cui parla Paolo nella II lettura di oggi. Lo Spirito è costantemente all'opera nelle nostre vite, rendendoci più simili a Gesù. Di nuovo, le comuni espressioni quotidiane di bontà e gentilezza, di fedeltà e autocontrollo, di pazienza e dolcezza, sono tutte manifestazioni dello Spirito che ci è stato dato da Dio. Possiamo riconoscere la presenza dello Spirito negli avvenimenti comuni della vita quotidiana. Lo spirituale non è qualcosa di diverso dal mondo; è l'umanità al suo meglio.

       L'umanità è al suo meglio nella prima lettura di oggi (Atti degli Apostoli). La Pentecoste ha prodotto un meraviglioso legame di persone provenienti da tutto l'Impero Romano. Erano uniti nell'ammirare e nel lodare le meraviglie di Dio. Nonostante le differenze di lingua e cultura, c'era una vera comunione tra loro. Ovunque vi sia comunione di cuore e mente tra persone di diversa estrazione, lo Spirito Santo è all'opera. L'unità nella diversità è il marchio dello Spirito!

        Gesù indica un'altra manifestazione dello Spirito: la ricerca della verità. Solo lo Spirito può condurci alla verità completa. Se qualcuno cerca sinceramente la verità e è disposto a impegnarsi in buone opere con gli altri, lì lo Spirito è all'opera. Pienezza di verità e amore è sempre al di là di noi; ma lo Spirito è dato per condurci verso la completa verità e amore, in tutta la sua altezza e profondità.

        Tutte le nostre comunità in tutto il mondo vivono con lo Spirito Santo in mezzo a noi. Quando ho visitato la nostra comunità di Chiesa a Licata, lo scorso maggio, ho visto lo Spirito di amore e cura, ho visto la meravigliosa guida del nostro Nunzio e Arcivescovo Metropolitano per l'Italia, Agostino, l'impegno del suo clero e dei fedeli per la nostra causa di essere una chiesa cattolica ecumenica che è qui per tutti coloro che cercano una nuova alba nella Chiesa, un risveglio attraverso lo Spirito Santo. (Alcune delle foto che ho postato su Facebook: Karl Rodig e i nostri siti Web). È soprattutto un segno dello Spirito Santo vedere la nostra prima donna sacerdote, Rev. Madre Raffaela nella nostra Chiesa. Mi sono chiesto spesso, perché la chiesa ha ignorato per così tanto tempo i doni dello Spirito Santo nel ministero delle donne nella Chiesa.

         Grazie a tutti per essere state amorevoli e premurose comunità di chiese in cui tutti sono benvenuti a trovare una casa spirituale di Amore e accettazione, dove la diversità è un dono.

         Preghiamo tutti che il Dio ci mandi i doni dello Spirito Santo che ci condurranno a una rinnovata e trasformazione nella Chiesa per la salvezza di tutto l'amato popolo di Dio.  Possiamo tutti noi cercare questa verità che lo Spirito Santo ci mostra per avvicinarci a Dio.

          Con il mio profondo apprezzamento per tutto il tuo servizio.

Rimanendo fedele tuo,


Notizie della Chiesa:


È con grande gioia annunciare l'Intercomunione tra la Chiesa ecumenica cattolica di Cristo e la Chiesa cattolica apostolica di Antiochia sotto la guida di H. E. Presiedere il vescovo Mark Elliot Newman.


Accogliamo i nostri sacerdoti neo-ordinati in Italia, il Padre. Fortunato (Calabria) e P. Francisco (Torino) all'arcidiocesi metropolitana d'Italia. Congratulazioni e benedizioni per il tuo nuovo ministero. Ci congratuliamo anche con il Rev. Gaetano il 23 giugno 2019 a Licata, in Italia.

A tutti nella nostra Chiesa Mundiale

Per favore, lavora sulle idee espresse nella mia Lettera Apostolica che ti ho inviato a Natale per il nostro Sinodo Mondiale. La posizione e l'ora non sono ancora state stabilite. Grazie

Spring 2019

Br. David and Aaron doing a wonderful job with our Garden! Thank you both!

May 2019

Apostolic Pastoral Visit to Licata, Sicily, Italy 

Wanted to thank our beloved Metropolitan Archbishop of Italy for his spiritual leadership, and thank you to all the wonderful women and men who helped to make  this a special community event.                                                                               

Congratulations to the newly ordained priests, Fr. Fortunato from Calabria and Fr. Francesco from Bergamo!                                                                                                                                                    

Thank you all for being a vibrant Church!    

Prayers and Blessings to you all. 

Come Join us for

Holy Week:

Palm Sunday: 11:00 AM

Last Supper: Thursday 7:00 PM

Good Friday: 

Stations of the Cross 2:00 PM 

Liturgy: Passion of Christ 3:00 PM

Easter Sunday Celebration and First Communion: 11:00 AM



Here are some music videos from Holy Week 2019



March 24th, 2019
God bless our new altar servers!

March 16th, 2019

Today is your wedding day Paige and Tommy! 

Wishing you a long and blessed marriage, always love, health, peace, 

and the gift of children!

March 10, 2019

Celebrating the life at the memorial service for Eric, George's Son. May he rest in peace, and may the Angels of the Lord guide him to the heavenly home!

February 24th

Welcome Ntina and Sterling to our church family ! With your baptism you are on your pilgrimage toward God’s Kingdom. Congratulations and many blessings!

Hodie, Christus Natus est, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

Pax Hominibus bonae voluntatis.

Gloria in Exelsis Deo! 

Merry Christmas! 

Peace and Joy to you beloved brothers and sisters or of our Worldwide ECCC!

Wishing you all a very blessed and joyous Christmas Season, Health and Peace in A. D. 2019

    As we celebrate this Holy Days of Christmas, we are reminded what His birth means to us and the whole world. We not only celebrate His Birth over 2 thousand years ago, we also being reminded of Christ living among us, and that He will come again in Glory to take us all home. 

    As Christians we are aware that our spiritual journey on this earth is dependent on our relationship with Christ. As we walk with Christ in our midst, we need to keep focused on Him and realize more and more why it makes a difference to follow His commandment of Loving God and our Neighbor. The world with all its glamour is trying to convince us otherwise, i.e., making us believe that there is no God. Yes, for many it has become the answer in modern times: to live only the way one wants, and see all the bad things of today's world be part of a lesser necessity, because it seems to be so much easier. Wars, scandals, natural disasters, famines, or a family tragedy, etc. becomes the new justification for ones own way of a life without God. 

    But what really will come out of such a lifestyle?

    We see it everywhere, a world of bulling, a world of more greed and the devastating consequences it entails, carelessness in all its evil forms, including the pollution of the worlds oceans, the denial of Global warming, the deforestations of the world's vital rain forests, the drug epidemics and all kinds of addictions, robberies, murders, and the list goes on...

    Yet, all of this cries out for wanting us to live in a better world that has Love as the moral foundation, and to see families and communities who show more care and respect for each other, yes for all of God's people. We experiencing almost daily how much societies have been divided and how many people are being treated with hate and disrespect. Immigrants are being treated as enemies, living in abhorrent conditions, children separated from their parents. We forget that Jesus and his family were refugees fleeing the brutal hands of the Ruler Herod...

    Christmas is a stark reminder to see the world through the eyes of Jesus: in his innocence of a baby -his entire life a peacemaker -welcoming all who seek Wholeness again -finding healing in life's afflictions -restoring God's will among us.  We need again this awareness that we are only one human race, and that we are only guests on this earth, and knowing that we are only stewards of God's creation. We need each other. Only God's Word of Life and Grace can bring healing restoring our lives and communities.

    Let us be such a renewed people that live this message of Joy to the world and Peace to all people of good will. Let us give testimony for HIS Good NEWS. We are able to do it, because Jesus went before us and showed us the need for change in our life. 

    May we all find a new way to the Heart of God that, our Father and Mother that is pouring out so much love that we are just taken by it.

    Thank you all for your love for Jesus and the good work of our worldwide Church! 

Wishing you, your families and all in your care: this kind and pure Love that comes out of the manger in Bethlehem, that innocent life that came in our midst so we can live With Him and Through Him and in Him.

With my Prayers and benedictions,



ECCC Announcement:

We announcing for 2020: Our Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ World Synod.

An Apostolic Letter will be sent out to our Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Laity that will plan the Details for this historic event.  We asking you all for your prayers for this celebration of our faith!  We welcome also our new priests in our worldwide missions, the ECCC is growing through the Grace of God!

¡Paz, hermanos y hermanas en Cristo!

Les deseamos a todos una muy feliz 

y feliz temporada navideña,

Salud y paz en A. D. 2019

   Mientras celebramos estos Días Santos de Navidad, se nos recuerda lo que significa su nacimiento para nosotros y para el mundo entero. No solo celebramos Su nacimiento hace más de 2 mil años, también se nos recuerda que Cristo vive entre nosotros y que Él vendrá nuevamente en Gloria para llevarnos a todos a casa.

    Como cristianos somos conscientes de que nuestro viaje espiritual en esta tierra depende de nuestra relación con Cristo. Mientras caminamos con Cristo en medio de nosotros, debemos mantenernos enfocados en Él y darnos cuenta cada vez más de por qué es importante seguir Su mandamiento de amar a Dios y a nuestro prójimo. El mundo con todo su glamour está tratando de convencernos de lo contrario, es decir, haciéndonos creer que no hay Dios. Sí, para muchos se ha convertido en la respuesta en los tiempos modernos: vivir solo de la manera que uno quiere y ver todas las cosas malas del mundo de hoy como parte de una necesidad menor, porque parece ser mucho más fácil. Las guerras, los escándalos, los desastres naturales, las hambrunas, una tragedia familiar, etc., se convierten en la nueva justificación de nuestra propia vida sin Dios.

    ¿Pero qué realmente saldrá de tal estilo de vida?

    Lo vemos en todas partes, un mundo de bulling, un mundo de más codicia y las consecuencias devastadoras que conlleva, el descuido en todas sus formas malignas, incluida la contaminación de los océanos del mundo, la negación del calentamiento global, las deforestaciones de la lluvia vital del mundo. Los bosques, las epidemias de drogas y todo tipo de adicciones, robos, asesinatos, y la lista continúa ...

    Sin embargo, todo esto clama por querer que vivamos en un mundo mejor que tenga el Amor como la base moral, y que veamos a las familias y comunidades que muestran más cuidado y respeto por los demás, sí para todo el pueblo de Dios. Experimentamos casi a diario la cantidad de sociedades que se han dividido y la cantidad de personas que son tratadas con odio y falta de respeto. Los inmigrantes son tratados como enemigos, viven en condiciones abominables, los niños separados de sus padres. Olvidamos que Jesús y su familia eran refugiados que huían de las manos brutales del gobernante Herodes ...

    La Navidad es un claro recordatorio para ver el mundo a través de los ojos de Jesús: en su inocencia de un bebé, toda su vida, un pacificador, que acogerá a todos los que buscan nuevamente la totalidad, encontrar curación en las aflicciones de la vida, restablecer la voluntad de Dios entre nosotros. Necesitamos nuevamente esta conciencia de que somos solo una raza humana, y que solo somos invitados en esta tierra, y sabiendo que solo somos administradores de la creación de Dios. Nos necesitamos el uno al otro. Solo la Palabra de Dios de Vida y Gracia puede traer sanidad restaurando nuestras vidas y comunidades.

    Seamos un pueblo tan renovado que viva este mensaje de Alegría para el mundo y Paz para todas las personas de buena voluntad. Demos testimonio de sus buenas noticias. Podemos hacerlo, porque Jesús fue antes que nosotros y nos mostró la necesidad de un cambio en nuestra vida.

    Que todos podamos encontrar un nuevo camino hacia el Corazón de Dios que, nuestro Padre y nuestra Madre, está derramando tanto amor que simplemente nos dejamos llevar por él.

    ¡Gracias a todos por su amor a Jesús y al buen trabajo de nuestra Iglesia mundial!

Les deseamos a ustedes, a sus familias y a todos a su cuidado: este amor amable y puro que sale del pesebre en Belén, esa vida inocente que vino en medio de nosotros para que podamos vivir con Él y por medio de Él y en Él.

Con mis oraciones y bendiciones,



Anuncio de la ECCC:

Es con gran alegría anunciar para 2020:

Nuestra Iglesia Ecuménica Católica de Cristo Sínodo Mundial.

Se enviará una carta apostólica a nuestros arzobispos, obispos, sacerdotes, diáconos y laicos que planearán los detalles para este evento histórico.

¡Les pedimos a todos por sus oraciones por esta celebración de nuestra fe!

También damos la bienvenida a nuestros nuevos sacerdotes en nuestras misiones mundiales, ¡El ECCC está creciendo a través de la Gracia de Dios!

Pace, fratelli e sorelle in Cristo!

Augurandovi tutti Bon Natale

molto Benedetta e Gioiosa,

Salute e Pace in A. D. 2019

    Mentre celebriamo questo santo giorno di Natale, ci viene ricordato ciò che la sua nascita significa per noi e per il mondo intero. Non celebriamo solo la sua nascita oltre 2 mila anni fa, ci viene anche ricordato che Cristo vive in mezzo a noi e che ritornerà in gloria per portarci tutti a casa.

    Come cristiani siamo consapevoli che il nostro cammino spirituale su questa terra dipende dalla nostra relazione con Cristo. Mentre camminiamo con Cristo in mezzo a noi, dobbiamo concentrarci su di Lui e realizzare sempre di più perché fa la differenza seguire il Suo comandamento di Dio amorevole e il nostro prossimo. Il mondo con tutto il suo fascino sta cercando di convincerci del contrario, cioè, facendoci credere che non c'è Dio. Sì, per molti è diventata la risposta nei tempi moderni: vivere solo come si vuole e vedere tutte le cose cattive del mondo di oggi essere parte di una necessità minore, perché sembra essere molto più facile. Guerre, scandali, disastri naturali, carestie o tragedia familiare, ecc. Diventano la nuova giustificazione per il proprio modo di vivere senza Dio.

    Ma cosa uscirà davvero da un simile stile di vita?

    Lo vediamo dappertutto, un mondo di bulling, un mondo di più avidità e le conseguenze devastanti che comporta, l'incuria in tutte le sue forme malvagie, compreso l'inquinamento degli oceani del mondo, la negazione del riscaldamento globale, la deforestazione della pioggia vitale mondiale le foreste, le epidemie di droga e tutti i tipi di dipendenze, rapine, omicidi e la lista continua ...

    Eppure, tutto questo grida per volere che noi viviamo in un mondo migliore che ha l'Amore come fondamento morale e per vedere famiglie e comunità che mostrano più cura e rispetto l'uno per l'altro, sì per tutto il popolo di Dio. Sperimentiamo quasi ogni giorno quante società sono state divise e quante persone vengono trattate con odio e mancanza di rispetto. Gli immigrati vengono trattati come nemici, vivono in condizioni aberrate, bambini separati dai loro genitori. Dimentichiamo che Gesù e la sua famiglia erano profughi in fuga dalle mani brutali del Sovrano Erode ...

    Il Natale è un forte promemoria per vedere il mondo attraverso gli occhi di Gesù: nella sua innocenza di un bambino - tutta la sua vita un pacificatore - accogliere tutti coloro che cercano di nuovo l'integrità - che guarisce nelle afflizioni della vita - ristabilendo la volontà di Dio tra noi. Abbiamo bisogno ancora una volta di questa consapevolezza che siamo solo una razza umana, e che siamo solo ospiti su questa terra, e sapendo che siamo solo amministratori della creazione di Dio. Noi abbiamo bisogno l'uno dell'altro. Solo la Parola di Vita e di Grazia di Dio può portare guarigione che ripristina le nostre vite e comunità.

    Diventiamo un popolo così rinnovato che viva questo messaggio di Gioia al mondo e pace a tutti gli uomini di buona volontà. Diamo testimonianza per le Sue buone NOTIZIE. Siamo in grado di farlo, perché Gesù ci ha preceduto e ci ha mostrato la necessità di un cambiamento nella nostra vita.

    Possano tutti noi trovare una nuova via per il Cuore di Dio che, nostro Padre e nostra Madre, riversa così tanto amore che siamo semplicemente presi da esso.

    Grazie a tutti per il vostro amore per Gesù e per il buon lavoro della nostra Chiesa mondiale!

    Augurando Voi, le tue famiglie e tutto ciò che ti sta a cuore: questo amore gentile e puro che esce dalla mangiatoia di Betlemme, quella vita innocente che è venuta in mezzo a noi per vivere con Lui, per Lui e in Lui.

Con le mie preghiere e le mie benedizioni,

Il Suo,


Annuncio ECCC:

È con Great Joy annunciare per il 2020:

La nostra Chiesa Ecumenica Cattolica di Cristo Sinodo Mondiale.

Una Lettera Apostolica sarà inviata ai nostri Arcivescovi, Vescovi, Sacerdoti, Diaconi e Laici che pianificheranno i Dettagli per questo evento storico.

Chiediamo a tutti voi le vostre preghiere per questa celebrazione della nostra fede!

Diamo il benvenuto anche ai nostri nuovi sacerdoti nelle nostre missioni in tutto il mondo, La Chiesa Ecumenica Cattolica de Cristo sta crescendo attraverso la Grazia di Dio!

Santa Clause for the Children December 15, A. D. 2018

Annual Santa Clause for the children. Thank you to all our volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this day happen. Thank you to the students from Henry Ford Arts College who made the workshop for the children a very happy event! Thank you to all our donors who gave the toys and blankets for our children, especially Margaret from our Chapel at St. Francis and St. Clare, and the Students of Clawson High School! Be all blessed, and a very blessed Christmas Season to you all!

October 13th, 2018

St. Anthony Church Family and Clothes and Food Pantry Barbecue 

 Free Flu shots, Reading Glasses, Healthcare advice and updates, Assistance for Foreclosure Homes.

It was a big success!! 

Thanks to Charlene, and to Walgreens! and all our wonderful volunteers!!

October 2018

Thank you so much volunteers for your good hearts helping so many neighbors to avoid property for closures for over a year now! 

Special thanks to Gregory and Br. Morgan from our Church for your energy in all of these headaches! Prayers and blessings!

September 2018
Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig celebrating Mass and receiving the eternal vows from 
Brother Thomas, OFM in the Roman Catholic Church in Detroit
In the Spirit of Ecumenism and Christian Charity!

August A. D. 2018

Our Church roof is deteriorating, and the water intrusion is a major problem! 

We pray and hope we find donors to help us to replace major parts of the roof to 

preserve our historic church, and to be able to continue our work for the poor.

Please help our precious cause!

Thank you!

Please Make donations out to: "St. Anthony"

St. Anthony

5247 Sheridan Street

Detroit, MI 48226

June 2018

Episcopal Conference of the ECCC Western Region at our Cathedral

God bless our brother bishops and all whom they serve!

April 26th, 2018

Finally we can go back to gardening after a long winter.   
  Lord bless this year with a good harvest.

Easter 2018

Christus resurrexit vere! Alleluja!

(Please share with all, Thank you! Compartir con todos, Gracias!)

The Peace of the Risen Christ be with you all, dear brothers and sisters of our worldwide church communion!

‘We are an Easter people and alleluia is our song.’ (St Augustine)

    I would like to share with you three Ways we can walk in our lives with Jesus:

First: Toward the Jerusalem: Discover who we are, and whom to follow.
    As we walked through this year's Lenten Season, we searched for our commitment with Christ, our personal life history, seeing our weaknesses that we needed to correct, but moreover we have discovered our strength in faith. We have might come to a new understanding how we see Christ in our life, in our church family, He, our Savior and Guiding Light. 
    We find ourselves on a journey toward the New Jerusalem, our destiny. Along the way, we need to find the answer: how can we better declare our love for Jesus through word and deed? What is therefore the real meaning and purpose for us Christians in this world?
    One situation we face every day is that we are drawn between the world immanent matters and a real spiritual awareness/awakening. We often exchange these two to reward ourselves as it is only up to us, and not to God who is above everything...
    How can we reconcile the world in which we live with the demands of our faith in God? It feels to us that there is a struggle going on within us: I cannot leave my lifestyle that I am so used to, yet I do want to be closer to God with all my existence...The early church fathers wrote quite a bit of this struggle and they knew that the answer is Christ who is all in all for us.
    For us as Christians, it is the focus on the Life, and the mysteries of Christ Jesus, His Suffering and Resurrection that will help us to conquer our disbelieves, our status quo, our self inflicted wounds, our own misery that cries out to God. If we only seek the answer through our own making, we will end up nowhere...If we start believing and understanding more deeper Christ in our life, he will provide for us, and we join the millions and millions of Christians who found and experienced throughout history a joy that is beyond all this world can offer!
    We have to realize that Christ Jesus is not against this world, "He came into his own..." This world is God's creation. Christ, the Son of God, "took on human flesh" in order to be one of us and he lived among us, human and divine. Jesus's words, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" is the ultimate answer how to live in HIS creation. We realize that Christ in his earthly life walked toward Jerusalem, the Temple, the Holiest place in Judaism. There he declared that HE is the New Temple...As he entered Jerusalem, he knew the crowds  would shout the "Hosanna" to the King of Kings, but he knew this will end in human catastrophe because they were not seeking the heavenly kingdom, but to foster the earthly kingdom of Israel. So, it was for the majority not about the Messiah, the spiritual and Divine Grace that was present in Jesus, it was their self-seeking way. 
And here we find ourselves, we love to walk toward the heavenly Jerusalem to meet Christ, the eternal King, yet we are easy to fall into the trap of self-deceiving ways, thinking we are on the right way, but missing out when it comes to change that a few saw necessary, like Mary the mother of Jesus, John the beloved, and Mary Magdalene who stood with him till the dying on the cross...This image has to enter our heart and mind in order to find HIM...

Second: Leave the old Jerusalem and walking toward Golgotha.
    Where do we stand right now in our lives? Are we still walking toward the old Jerusalem, shouting "Hosanna", and not knowing we need to leave the old Temple, finding Jesus who is the New Temple, and made us all a holy temple through the Holy Spirit?
    It is the uncomfortable, the miserable No we still carry in our hearts, not wanting to face the cross, not feeling right to carry it, because it is a burden, because  the world again tells us otherwise, like you don't have to do this, leave it alone, live the high life that makes you happy, and do not care about the poor, do not feel for the suffering, and curse God when illness befalls you, or one in your family...and on and on...So we keep walking toward the earthly Jerusalem, and not toward the heavenly Jerusalem, we keep looking for other spiritual means of superstition, astrology, and so on, indulging ourselves with material means...
    It is only when we say yes to the Cross that Jesus carried, and died on it, that we can say yes to our own cross and walk with Him toward Easter! Again, only this Yes to Jesus, His life, suffering, and resurrection is the most precious word we can utter within our hearts, because it is God's Grace that will help us to live it! 
    What else is there to look forward in this short earthly life as to find this deep inner fulfillment in the Life of Jesus that lasts for eternity!
    "No one can come to the Father except through me", Jesus says this with the same breath to the sentence earlier, "I am the way, the truth and the life"...And Paul confirms it, "I have been crucified with Christ; yet I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me".
    Through this awareness, we are leaving the old Jerusalem toward the Crucifixion of Christ, the Son of God, and not shying away from it through intellectual arguments, through the deceit of the modern world that wants us be trapped in disbelief...Again, the cross is indeed the only reality of Jesus not having died in vain, but being the Son of God, brutally murdered for our salvation! This is God's ultimate declaration of Love for each one of us! It is the sign of victory over death! Facing this Cross of Jesus and caring on our own cross, will bring us closer to the light of the resurrection and Life eternal. 

Third: Walking as Easter People
    Having worked as a chaplain for 11 years in hospitals and nursing homes, I always saw people who through their faith found themselves more under the cross of Jesus, seeing beyond their own suffering, and finding inner peace that the bystanders might not easy accept, especially in the suffering of a child. I would like to mention the little story of a 7 year old girl that was dying of brain cancer, and with enormous pain, there was one day that the parents came to visit her, and the girl was so calm, saying with a smiling face, "do not worry so much I am going to God"...The parents were outraged and could not understand such uttering, and asked me if I or a doctor told the girl she was dying, which we did not. Only after a while, the parents came to see that the girl was trying to comfort them through her love, feeling that God will welcome her...
    We find ourselves often as the disciples who walked to Emmaus, grieving, talking, and not understanding what happen outside the old city of Jerusalem...And there it was Jesus joined them, walking with them and open their eyes, and after the meal they realized their hearts were burning, because their love for Jesus just found the answer!  

    We enter with Jesus the old Jerusalem seeing the man made world as it is, driven by greed, deceit, false promises, and mayhem..., we finally realize, we need to take on our own cross with Jesus present, leaving the old temple of Jerusalem, walking with HIM toward Golgotha, encounter his crucifixion, death, and seeing the light of His glorious resurrection!
    We are strengthen in our faith for our earthly journey toward the heavenly Kingdom, the heavenly Jerusalem, because it is Him who opens our eyes, and by grace shows us the way, and in the Holy Spirit we find this deep joy that sings the Easter Alleluia. 
Yes, ‘We are an Easter people and alleluia is our song.’ (St Augustine)

    Let our hearts keep burning for Christ with the fire of love, because He walks with us, and if you still looking for him, let's remind us "But the angel said to the women, 'Do not be afraid; I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for he has been raised, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay. Then go quickly and tell his disciples, 'He has been raised from the dead, and indeed he is going ahead of you to Galilee'...
    Indeed, we find Jesus within ourselves, everywhere we go, in our neighbor, in the peace we create, in the love for His creation, in the love for the poor, in working toward a just society, in our suffering, in our joys, and in our longing for seeing HIM in God's eternal Kingdom.

    Wishing you all a Blessed and Joyous Easter! May the Risen Lord shine through us, and lead us as we, the Easter People sing, Alleluia!

With my prayers and apostolic benedictions
yours in Christ

ECCC Church World News:

Mexico: Bishop Rodolfo had a good meeting with the Roman Catholic Apostolic Nuncio for Mexico talking about our Church.

India: Bishop Suny and his priests working hard to spread the good news of our Church with success !

Pakistan: our ministers working very hard for the poor!

The Philippines: Bishop Armando, and Bishop Manuel reaching out to more people, and the congregations are growing!

Latin America: 
Costa Rica: Peru: Colombia: PanamáOur Archbishop and Apostolic Nuncio for Latin America is spreading the ECCC deeper into Central and South America with our Presence in Peru and Colombia expanding!  Our Archbishop in Brazil, Dom Lucas will be the Contact person for the Catholic Church Reform international meeting in Brazil this year.

Europe: Thanks to our Apostolic Nuncio in Europe, Archbishop Hristo, in Bulgaria for his commitment to dialog with other churches.
Our Bishop Agostino from Italy had a good meeting with the Roman Catholic Reform movement, Catholic Church Reform International in Rome. 

Ukraine: and Russia: Our Orthodox Priests are spreading the good news and living a true ecumenical spirit among the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church and the major Orthodox Churches.

USA: Thanks to our tireless members of the new Seminary online, it is also going on the airwaves with a radio show. 

Please to all of you: 
Reach out and recommend to people: seminarians, men and women, young and old, anyone who is interested for going online to study in biblical or theological matters! Thank you! 
Here is the Seminary Website again where you can see the different study programs, and needed contacts:

We are still working on a Spanish Language for the seminary, hopefully more languages to come.


Christus resurrexit vere! Alleluja!

(Por favor, comparta con todos, ¡Gracias!) 

¡La Paz de Cristo resucitado sea con todos Uds., queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo de nuestra comunión mundial de la iglesia! 

'Somos un pueblo de Pascua y nuestra canción es el aleluya' (San Agustín) 

Me gustaría compartir con ustedes tres maneras en que podemos caminar en nuestras vidas con Jesús: 

Primero: Hacia Jerusalén: descubra quiénes somos y a quién seguir. 
    Mientras caminábamos a través de la Temporada de Cuaresma de este año, buscamos nuestro compromiso con Cristo, nuestra historia de vida personal, viendo nuestras debilidades que necesitábamos corregir, pero además descubrimos nuestra fortaleza en la fe. Podríamos llegar a una nueva comprensión de cómo vemos a Cristo en nuestra vida, en nuestra familia de la iglesia, Él, nuestro Salvador y Luz Guía. 

    Nos encontramos en un viaje hacia la Nueva Jerusalén, nuestro destino. En el camino, necesitamos encontrar la respuesta: ¿cómo podemos declarar mejor nuestro amor por Jesús a través de las palabras y los hechos? ¿Cuál es, por lo tanto, el verdadero significado y propósito para nosotros, los cristianos en este mundo? 

    Una situación que enfrentamos todos los días es que estamos atraídos entre los asuntos inmanentes del mundo y una conciencia / despertar espiritual real. A menudo intercambiamos estos dos para recompensarse a nosotros mismos, ya que depende solo de nosotros, y no a Dios que está por encima de todo ... 

    ¿Cómo podemos reconciliar el mundo en el que vivimos con las demandas de nuestra fe en Dios? Nos parece que hay una lucha dentro de nosotros: no puedo dejar mi estilo de vida al que estoy tan acostumbrado, sin embargo, quiero estar más cerca de Dios con toda mi existencia ... Los primeros padres de la iglesia escribieron bastante de esta lucha y sabían que la respuesta es Cristo, que es todo en todos nosotros. 

    Para nosotros como cristianos, es el enfoque en la Vida, los misterios de Cristo Jesús, Su Sufrimiento y Resurrección lo que nos ayudará a conquistar a nuestros incrédulos, nuestro status quo, nuestras heridas autoinfligidas, nuestra propia miseria que clama a Dios. Si solo buscamos la respuesta por nuestra propia cuenta, no terminaremos en nada ... Si comenzamos a creer y entender a Cristo más profundo en nuestra vida, él nos proveerá, y nos uniremos a los millones y millones de cristianos que encontraron y experimentado a través de la historia, una alegría que está más allá de todo lo que este mundo puede ofrecer! 

    Debemos darnos cuenta de que Cristo Jesús no está en contra de este mundo, "Él entró en lo suyo ..." Este mundo es creación de Dios. Cristo, el Hijo de Dios, "tomó carne humana" para ser uno de nosotros y vivió entre nosotros, humano y divino. Las palabras de Jesús, "Yo soy el Camino, la Verdad y la Vida" es la respuesta definitiva sobre cómo vivir en SU ​​creación. Nos damos cuenta de que Cristo en su vida terrenal caminó hacia Jerusalén, el Templo, el lugar más santo en el judaísmo. Allí declaró que ÉL es el Nuevo Templo ... Al entrar en Jerusalén, sabía que la multitud gritaba "Hosanna" al Rey de Reyes, pero sabía que esto terminaría en una catástrofe humana porque no buscaban el reino celestial, pero para fomentar el reino terrenal de Israel. Entonces, era para la mayoría no sobre el Mesías, la Gracia espiritual y divina que estaba presente en Jesús, pero un camino egoísta para ellos. 

    Y aquí nos encontramos, amamos caminar hacia la Jerusalén celestial para encontrarnos con Cristo, el Rey eterno, pero somos fáciles de caer en la trampa de engañarnos, pensando que estamos en el camino correcto, pero perdiéndonos cuando viene a cambiar lo que algunos vieron necesario, como María, la madre de Jesús, Juan el amado, y María Magdalena, que estuvo con él hasta la muerte en la cruz ... Esta imagen tiene que entrar en nuestro corazón y mente para poder encontrarlo a él

Segundo: abandonar la antigua Jerusalén y caminar hacia el Gólgota.

    ¿Dónde nos encontramos ahora en nuestras vidas? ¿Todavía estamos caminando hacia la vieja Jerusalén, gritando "Hosanna", y sin saber que tenemos que abandonar el antiguo Templo, encontrar a Jesús, que es el Nuevo Templo, y hacernos a todos un templo santo a través del Espíritu Santo?

    Es lo incómodo, lo miserable que aún cargamos en nuestros corazones, no querer enfrentar la cruz, no sentirnos bien al cargarla, porque es una carga, porque el mundo nuevamente nos dice lo contrario, como si no tuviéramos que haz esto, déjalo en paz, vive la gran vida que te hace feliz, y no te preocupes por los pobres, no sientas por el sufrimiento, y maldigas a Dios cuando te sobreviene la enfermedad, o uno en tu familia ... y sigue y en ... Así que seguimos caminando hacia la Jerusalén terrenal, y no hacia la Jerusalén celestial, seguimos buscando otros medios espirituales de superstición, astrología, etc., entregándonos con medios materiales ...

    ¡Solo cuando decimos  a la Cruz que Jesús cargó, y morimos en ella, podemos decir sí a nuestra propia cruz y caminar con Él hacia la Pascua! De nuevo, solo este  a Jesús, Su vida, Sufrimiento y Resurrección es la palabra más preciosa que podemos pronunciar en nuestros corazones, ¡porque es la gracia de Dios la que nos ayudará a vivirla!

    ¡Qué más hay que esperar en esta corta vida terrenal para encontrar esta profunda realización interna en la Vida de Jesús que dura por la eternidad!

    "Nadie puede venir al Padre sino por mí", Jesús dice con el mismo aliento a la frase anterior, "Yo soy el camino, la verdad y la vida" ... Y Pablo lo confirma, "He sido crucificado con Cristo, pero yo vivo, ya no soy yo, sino que Cristo vive en mí ".

    A través de esta toma de conciencia, estamos dejando la vieja Jerusalén hacia la Crucifixión de Cristo, el Hijo de Dios, y no nos alejamos de ella mediante argumentos intelectuales, a través del engaño del mundo moderno que quiere que quedemos atrapados en la incredulidad ... De nuevo, ¡la cruz es de hecho la única realidad de que Jesús no murió en vano, sino que es el Hijo de Dios, brutalmente asesinado por nuestra salvación! ¡Esta es la máxima declaración de amor de Dios para cada uno de nosotros! ¡Es el signo de la victoria sobre la muerte! Enfrentar esta Cruz de Jesús y cuidar nuestra propia cruz nos acercará a la luz de la resurrección y la Vida eterna.

Tercero: caminar como gente de Pascua
    Después de haber trabajado como capellán durante 11 años en hospitales y hogares de ancianos, siempre vi personas que por su fe se encontraban más bajo la cruz de Jesús, viendo más allá de su propio sufrimiento y encontrando una paz interior que los espectadores no podían aceptar fácilmente, especialmente en el sufrimiento de un niño. Me gustaría mencionar la pequeña historia de una niña de 7 años que se estaba muriendo de cáncer cerebral, y con un dolor enorme, hubo un día que los padres vinieron a visitarla, y la niña estaba tan tranquila, diciendo con una cara sonriente "No te preocupes tanto, voy a ir a Dios" ... Los padres se indignaron y no podían entender tales expresiones, y me preguntaron si un médico o yo le dijimos a la niña que se estaba muriendo, cosa que no hicimos. Solo después de un tiempo, los padres llegaron a ver que la niña estaba tratando de consolarlos a través de su amor, sintiendo que Dios la recibiría ...
    Nos encontramos a menudo como los discípulos que caminaron hacia Emaús, afligidos, hablando y sin entender lo que sucede fuera de la ciudad vieja de Jerusalén ... Y allí estaba Jesús, se les unió, caminando con ellos y les abrió los ojos, y después de la comida se dieron cuenta de que sus corazones ardían, ¡porque su amor por Jesús acaba de encontrar la respuesta!

    Entramos con Jesús en la vieja Jerusalén viendo el mundo hecho por el hombre tal como es, impulsado por la avaricia, el engaño, las falsas promesas y el caos ..., finalmente nos damos cuenta, tenemos que tomar nuestra propia cruz con Jesús presente, dejando el viejo ¡templo de Jerusalén, caminando con ÉL hacia el Gólgota, encuentra su crucifixión, muerte y viendo la luz de Su gloriosa resurrección!

    Estamos fortalecidos en nuestra fe para nuestro viaje terrenal hacia el Reino celestial, la Jerusalén celestial, porque es Él quien abre nuestros ojos, y por gracia nos muestra el camino, y en el Espíritu Santo encontramos esta alegría profunda que canta la Pascua Aleluya.
Sí, 'Somos un pueblo de Pascua y el aleluya es nuestra canción' (San Agustín)

    Que nuestros corazones sigan ardiendo por Cristo con el fuego del amor, porque Él camina con nosotros, y si aún lo buscas, recordemos "Pero el ángel les dijo a las mujeres: 'No tengan miedo; yo sé que ustedes son buscando a Jesús que fue crucificado. Él no está aquí, porque él ha sido resucitado, como él dijo. Vengan, vean el lugar donde yació. Luego ve rápido y dile a sus discípulos: 'Él ha resucitado de los muertos, y de hecho él va delante de ti a Galilea '...

    De hecho, encontramos a Jesús dentro de nosotros mismos, dondequiera que vayamos, en nuestro prójimo, en la paz que creamos, en el amor por su creación, en el amor a los pobres, en el trabajo hacia una sociedad justa, en nuestro sufrimiento, en nuestras alegrías, y en nuestro anhelo de verlo en el Reino eterno de Dios.

    ¡Les deseo a todos una Pascua Bendita y Feliz! ¡Que el Señor Resucitado brille a través de nosotros y nos guíe mientras nosotros, la Gente de Pascua cantan, Aleluya!

Con mis oraciones y bendiciones apostólicas
tuyo en Cristo
+ Karl

ICEC: Noticias Mundial:

Pacífico Sur: ¡A medida que nuestra Unión de la Iglesia crece, tenemos nuestro primer Seminarista de la Iglesia, Rex en la isla de Vanuatu! ¡Bienvenido!

México: el Obispo Rodolfo tuvo una buena reunión con el Nuncio Apostólico Católico Romano para México hablando sobre nuestra Iglesia.

India: ¡el Obispo Suny y sus sacerdotes están trabajando arduamente para difundir las buenas nuevas de nuestra Iglesia con éxito!

Pakistan: Nuestros ministros trabajan duro por los pobres.

Las Filipinas: Obispo Armando y obispo Manuel tienen nuevas misiones y más gente viene!

América Latina: 
Costa Rica: Peru: Colombia: Panama: ¡Nuestro Arzobispo y Nuncio Apostólico para América Latina está expandiendo el ICEC más profundamente hacia Centro y Sudamérica con nuestra Presencia en Perú y Colombia expandiéndose! 

Brazil: Nuestro lider para Brazil, arzobispo Dom Lucas será la persona de contacto para la reunión internacional de la Reforma de la Iglesia Católica en Brasil este año.

Bulgaria: Gracias a nuestro Nuncio Apostólico en Europa, el Arzobispo Hristo en Bulgaria por su compromiso de dialogar con otras iglesias.

Italy:Nuestro Obispo Agostino de Italia tuvo una buena reunión con el movimiento de Reforma Católica Romana, Catholic Church Reform International en Roma.

Ukaraine y Rusia: Nuestros sacerdotes ortodoxos están difundiendo las buenas nuevas y viviendo un verdadero espíritu ecuménico entre la Iglesia Católica Romana, la Iglesia Luterana y las principales Iglesias Ortodoxas.

EE.UU.: Gracias a nuestros incansables miembros del nuevo Seminario en línea, también se transmitirá por radio con un programa de radio.

Por favor a todos ustedes:
Llegue y recomiende a las personas: seminaristas, hombres y mujeres, jóvenes y ancianos, y laicos que tienen interés para conectarse para estudiar asuntos bíblicos o teológicos en el sitio web! ¡Gracias!
Aquí está nuevamente el sitio web del Seminario donde puede ver los diferentes programas de estudio y los contactos necesarios:

Todavía estamos trabajando en un idioma español para el seminario, ojalá haya más idiomas por venir.

Every year, people from everywhere come to see Historic St. Anthony listening about her history.            

Come and see our beautiful Church!

Christmas 2017

Hodie, Christus Natus est, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Pax Hominibus bonae voluntatis. 

Gloria in Exelsis Deo! 

Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Peaceful New Year!
Geseënde Kersfees en 'n gelukkige nuwe jaar
Albanian: Gëzuar Krishlindjet Vitin e Ri!
                                                                     Arabic:  ميلاد مجيد 
Armenian:  Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Soorp Janunt
Basque: Eguberri eta Urte Berri zoriontsua
Esturian:  Bones Navidaes & Gayoleru anu nuevu! 

Belgium:  Zalige Kertfeest  
Bulgaria:  Весела Коледа и Честита и благословена Нова година
Catalán:  Bon Nadal i feliç any nou!
Chinese: 聖誕快樂,新年快樂
Croatia:  Sretan Bozic
Danmark: Glædelig Jul og godt nytår
English:  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 
Esperanto:  Gajan Kristnaskon & Bonan Novjaron
Estonian: Rõõmsaid Jõulupühi ja Head uut aastat
Finland:  Hauskaa JouluaFrance: Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année! 
France: Joyeux Noël et bonne année
                                                                                 Galic: Nadolig Llawen
                                                                           Gallego: Bon Nadal e Bo Ani Novo
Georgian: გილოცავთ შობა-ახალ წელს 
                            Germany: Fröhliche und Gesegnete Weihnachten, ein Gesundes und Friedvolles Neues Jahr.       
The Netherlands:  Hartelijke Kerstroeten
Hawaiian: Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou
Hebrew:  חג מולד שמח
क्रिसमस और नया साल मुबारक हो
Hungary: Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket és Boldog újévet!
Greek: Καλά Χριστούγεννα!
Indonesia: Selamat Hari Natal & Selamat Tahun Baru  
   Irland: (Gaelic)
Nollaig shona duit. Bliain úr faoi shéan is faoi mhaise duit 
Italy:  Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo
Japan: メリークリスマス 
Latin: Pax Hominibus bonae voluntatis
 Lituania: Linksmu Kaledu ir laimingu Nauju metu
Luxemburg:  Schéi Krëschtdeeg an e Schéint Néi Joer
Malaysia:  Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru
Maori: Meri Kirihimete
Norway:  Gledelig Jul 
                                             Navajo:Yáʼátʼééh Késhmish dóó Baa Hózhǫ́ǫgo Nee Nínáadoohah
Pashto: کریسمس او نوی کال مو نیکمرغه

                                                                   Philippines: (Tagalog): Maligayang Pasko
Poland:  Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
Portugal: Boas Festas e um Feliz Ano Novo
Romania:  Craciun fericit si un An Nou fericit! 
         Russian: веселого Рождества и счастливого Нового года s Rozjdyestvom i s Novym Godom!
Samoan: Manuia le Kerisimasi, ma le Tausaga Fou
Serbia: Hristos se rodi 
Slowenia: Vesel božič in srečno novo leto
Somalia: ciid wanaagsan iyo sanad cusub oo fiican. 
Spain: Feliz Navidadl! Feliz Año Nuevo! 
Que Cristo La Luz del Mundo sea presente in sus corazones por siempre!
Sri Lanka: Subha Nattalak Veva  

Swahili: Krismasi nzuri na Mwaka Mpya Mpya na Furaha
Sweden: God Jul och Gott Nytt År
Tahiti:  La ora i te Noere e ia ora na i te matahiti 'a
Tamil:Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal
Turkey:  Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
Valencia: Bon Nadal i feliç any nou 
Thai - Suk san wan-krit-maat lae sa-wat-dee bpee mai 
Turkish - Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun; Yeni Yilnizi Kutar, saadetler dilerim 
Ukrainian - Srozhdestvom Kristovym 
Vietnamese - Mung Le Giang Sinh. Cung Chuc Tan Nien 
Welsh - Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda 

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ! 

On this Holy Feast of the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, I wish 
you, your families, and all who are in your care, a very blessed Celebration, and our best Wishes for a Peaceful, and Healthy New Year!!

    We celebrate with deep Joy this solemn Season because we have reflected and meditated throughout Advent the meaning of Christ's entering in our World.  Every Year, we are waiting with a deep sense of longing for His coming among us. Christmas is not about having a good time and expecting our material gifts from each other  (they are rather just be a little sign of mutual appreciation for each other). Yet, a deeper happening is to celebrate: Christ is born for each one of us to save our lives and to lift up our souls to God! Christ's birth is not a far and past event we remember as we remember our own birthdays..., it is the greatest happening in our humanity, a new beginning in time, a new focus on our salvation history, heaven meets earth, the divine meets us, God declares HIS last and everlasting covenant for us!
    That's why this is not just a sweet "jingle bell", but the most serious and eye-opening Gift that God ever has shown for us in History!
    God's Love which we never can ever grasp in its entirety, comes to us in the Incarnation of HIS only begotten Son! What joy is this that we cannot describe, what Grace is this that our Souls encounter anew, what care does God show for us so everlasting.
    Today's world is driven by greed, injustice, the rise of new dictators, the grab of power by those who want to enrich themselves, and adding more to the rich, governing by deceit -using false pretense of helping the poor; furthermore thinking that the environment -God's creation- can be exploited, adding to the global warming at the cost of the health and safety of future generations; then the abandonment of providing everyone in society access to decent health care; the new oppression of people by fanatics, including a new way of slavery as humans being sold again (like in Libya) on the markets. 
    The threat of war that is ever more looming through the selfish behavior of leaders who have become blind to the value of the human dignity.

    Yes, in this world of ours, the Newborn King is rising above all the daily horror and madness that we facing throughout the world. It is Christ, the Savior, that also has to be born into our hearts and minds in order to live as children of God, and to give witness to the Good News of the Gospel heading His words: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, 
    And to those who are rich and oppress, exploit, deceit, and live by greed and selfish behavior, these words shall be said: 
     “But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort. Woe to you who are well fed now,  for you will go hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep. Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you,  for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets." Luke 6:24-26  
    "Your iniquities have turned these away, and your sins have kept good from you. For wicked men are found among my people; they lurk like fowlers lying in wait. They set a trap; they catch men. Like a cage full of birds, their houses are full of deceit; therefore they have become great and rich; they have grown fat and sleek. They know no bounds in deeds of evil; they judge not with justice the cause of the fatherless, to make it prosper, and they do not defend the rights of the needy. Shall I not punish them for these things? declares the Lord, and shall I not avenge myself on a nation such as this? Jeremiah 5:25-29  
    "May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor!" PS 72:4

  Christmas is about true Love, and the encouraging Hope for Justice that God cares here and now for His people. Christmas is about Course correction of our Lives, turning our hearts back to God, "For God so loved the World that HE gave the only begotten Son, so that everyone believing in Him should not perish, but should have eternal life."  John 3:16

    May this, our true King, Christ Jesus, born in Bethlehem in a cold and poor stable, and who died as our Savior on the Cross, -condemned by a greedy and power hungry world, be your Lord for ever and ever! Hallelujah!
                                                   Thank you all for your service in Christ!

With my Prayers and Apostolic Benedictions,

ECCC Church News:

-St. Anthony's Cathedral House of Liturgical Studies.
We welcome the Faculty members of our New Online Seminary, "St. Anthony's Cathedral House of Liturgical Studies"! We thank their tireless leaders, Fr. Tom Roberts, Ph.D., and Director, Sr. Gary A. Staszak, M.A., C.A.S., including all the Faculty members. The Website will be up and running soon.
We also have an advisory board who will be consulters to the House of Studies: so far we have Archbishop Godfrey, Kenya; Bishop Marc, USA; Vicar General, Fr. Nicholas, Sri Lanka. I hope we can add a few more consulters to advise the Faculty.
The "St Anthony's Cathedral House of Liturgical Studies" is designed to help those who prepare themselves for the ministry around the world in the ECCC, and also from other church denominations. It also gives courses for people from the Laity who would like to advance in their biblical and theological education as teachers, and for private enrichment. 
We encourage you all to help those who are interested to be able to enroll in the student programs. At this moment we have the Seminary on line in English, but we hop that we will have it also in Spanish in the near future!

-Recent Consecration, Ordinations and Incardinations:
Congratulations to the consecration of our new Auxiliary Bishop, +Marc Angelo, ECCC of Los Angeles, California.
-Incardination: Archbishop Tony Scuderi, Ph. D., Fr. Tom Roberts, Ph. D. USA
-The Ordinations of our new Priests of the Archdiocese in Costa Rica, and our diocese in Colombia. Ordination to the Diaconate of Rev. Pedro, Hawaii. 

-India: Expansion of pastoral programs in India under the Leadership of Bishop Sunny and his priests! 
-Kenya: Expansion of the orphanage and schools in Kenya!

-Pakistan: increase work for the poor.

-The Philippines: Expansion of pastoral services, prayer groups, and construction of a local seminary of formation 

-Ukraine: Active Ecumenical dialogue and relations with the Lutheran Church and other denominations.

-Russia: Active Ecumenical relations with other Orthodox Churches.

-Brazil: Completion of the construction of the Cathedral of Dom Lucas, congratulations!

Mis queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo: 
En esta santa fiesta del nacimiento de Jesucristo, nuestro Salvador, quiero desearles a ustedes, a sus familiares y a todos aquellos bajo su protección y cuidado, una celebración rica en bendiciones.  ¡Les deseo lo mejor, paz y salud, en este Año Nuevo!

   Después de haber meditado y reflexionado sobre el significado de la entrada de Cristo al mundo, durante el adviento, celebramos con gran alegría esta solemnidad. Todos los años esperamos con grandes ansias su venida gloriosa entre nosotros. La navidad no esperar regalos y pasarla bien (aunque los regalos son signos de nuestro amor fraterno); sino que es celebrar su verdadero sentido: Cristo nace por ti y por mí, para salvar nuestras vidas y elevarnos a Dios.  El nacimiento de Cristo no es un evento distante en el pasado, como lo es celebrar nuestros cumpleaños, sino que su nacimiento es el mayor evento que acontece en nuestra humanidad; es un nuevo comienzo en nuestro tiempo; un nuevo enfoque en la historia de la salvación: el cielo y la tierra se encuentran, lo divino se hace uno con nosotros; Dios declara para siempre su último convenio. 
Es por eso que no se trata de un lindo “cascabel, cascabel, suena el cascabel”, sino del regalo más sagrado que Dios nos haya mostrado en nuestra historia, que nos abre los ojos a su realidad.  
    El amor de Dios, que no se puede entender en su totalidad, viene a nosotros en la encarnación de su hijo unigénito.  ¡Qué júbilo inefable! ¡Qué gracia tan virgen que nos toca el alma!  ¡Qué eterno y tierno cuidado el que nos da Dios!  
    El mundo de hoy es dominado por la codicia, la injusticia, el avenimiento de nuevos dictadores y el deseo de poder de aquellos que buscan enriquecerse y enriquecer a los ricos. Gobiernan con la mentira y se esconden bajo el pretexto de ayudar a los pobres; en realidad solo saben explotar el medio ambiente, la creación de Dios, y acelerar el calentamiento global; sin importarles la salud y la seguridad de las generaciones futuras.  Han abandonado la misión para el cuidado de la salud en nuestra sociedad.  Son fanáticos y buscan oprimir al pueblo. Han creado una nueva esclavitud en el mundo: la del ser humano que se vende en el mercado para ganancia de los ricos, como en Libia.  La amenaza de la guerra, que se escucha cada día más, es alimentada por el comportamiento de esos líderes egoístas y ciegos que ignoran el valor de la dignidad humana. 

    Así es este mundo nuestro, donde nace Cristo.  El Rey, recién nacido, se eleva por encima de todas esas locuras y circunstancias horribles en las que vivimos. Es Cristo, el salvador, quien tiene que nacer en nuestros corazones y en nuestras mentes, para así convertirnos en hijos de Dios y dar testimonio del anuncio de la buena noticia en la que el evangelio nos dice: “El Espíritu de Dios está sobre mí, porque me ha ungido para proclamar su palabra a los pobres.  Él me ha enviado a proclamar libertad a los cautivos, y dar la luz a los ciegos, y dejar libre a los que son oprimidos, y pregonar el año del favor del Señor” (Lucas 4:18-19)

    Para aquellos que son ricos y oprimen, explotan, engañan y viven bajo la codicia y el egoísmo, el Señor les dice: “Pero ¡ay de ustedes los ricos, porque ya han recibido su consuelo! ¡Ay de ustedes los que ahora están saciados, porque sabrán lo que es pasar hambre! ¡Ay de ustedes los que ahora ríen, porque sabrán lo que es derramar lágrimas! ¡Ay de ustedes cuando todos los elogien! Dense cuenta de que los antepasados de esta gente trataron así a los falsos profetas" (Lucas 6:24-26)

   “Las iniquidades de ustedes les han quitado estos beneficios; sus pecados los han privado de estas bendiciones. Sin duda en mi pueblo hay malvados, que están al acecho como cazadores de aves, que ponen trampas para atrapar a la gente. Como jaulas llenas de pájaros, llenas de engaño están sus casas; por eso se han vuelto poderosos y ricos, gordos y pedantes. Sus obras de maldad no tienen límite: no le hacen justicia al huérfano, para que su causa prospere; ni defienden tampoco el derecho de los menesterosos. ¿Y no los he de castigar por esto? ¿No he de vengarme de semejante nación?-afirma el Señor” (Jeremías 5:25-29). 

    "El rey hará justicia a los pobres del pueblo y salvará a los necesitados;¡él aplastará a los opresores! (PS 72:4)

    La navidad es el amor verdadero que nos anima a esperar en la justicia de Dios quien cuida hoy y siempre de su pueblo. La navidad es también el corregir nuestro rumbo y regresar en nuestros corazones a Dios. "Porque Dios amó tanto al mundo que dio a su hijo unigénito para que todo el que crea en él no se pierda y tenga vida eterna” (Juan 3:16).  

    ¡Qué el verdadero Rey, nuestro señor Jesucristo, nacido en Belén en un establo frío y pobre, y quien murió como nuestro Salvador en la cruz, -condenado por un mundo hambriento de poder y codicia- sea vuestro Señor siempre por toda la eternidad! ¡Aleluya!

Gracias a todos por su Servicio en Cristo!

Con mis oraciones y bendición apostólica, 

Noticias ICEC 

- La Casa de los Estudios Litúrgicos de la Catedral de San Antonio:
Damos la bienvenida a los miembros de la Facultad de nuestro nuevo seminario en línea, "La Casa de los Estudios Litúrgicos de la Catedral de San Antonio! Agradecemos a sus líderes incansables, Padre Tom Roberts, PH. D., el Director, Sr. Gary A. Staszak, M.A., C.A.S.
Director  y todos los miembros de la Facultad. El sitio web estará en marcha pronto.
También contamos con una Junta Consultiva que será consultante de la casa de los estudios: hasta ahora tenemos: al Arzobispo Godfrey, Kenia; Bishop Marc, Estados Unidos; Vicario General, Padre Nicholás, Sri Lanka. Espero que podamos añadir algunos consultantes más para asesorar a la Facultad.
La "Casa de la Catedral de San Antonio de los Estudios Litúrgicos" está diseñada para ayudar a los que se preparan para el Ministerio alrededor del mundo en la ICEC, y también de otras  Iglesias. También da cursos para personas de los laicos que desean avanzar en su educación bíblica y teológica como maestros, y para enriquecimiento privado.
Los animamos a todos a ayudar a aquellos que están interesados en poder inscribirse en los programas estudiantiles.
A esto momento es un Seminario enn Ingles. Esperamos que en el futuro tenemos también este Seminario para la idioma en Español! 

-Consagración reciente, ordenaciones e incardinaciones:
Felicitaciones a la consagración de nuestro nuevo Obispo Auxiliar, + Marc Angelo, ICEC de los Angeles, California.

-Incardinación: Arzobispo Tony Scuderi, Ph. D., Padre Tom Roberts, PH. D. EE.UU.

-Las ordenaciones de nuestros nuevos diáconos y sacerdotes de la Arquidiócesis en Costa Rica, y nuestra diócesis en Colombia. Ordenación diaconal para Hawai.

-La India: la expansión de los programas pastorales, bajo el liderazgo del obispo y a sus sacerdotes, soleado!

-Kenia: la expansión del orfanato y las escuelas de Kenya!

-Pakistan: la expansión de los programas pastorales.

-Filipinasla expansión de los programas pastorales en varias areas, y nuevo construcción de un seminario de la formación.

-Ucrania: activa el diálogo ecuménico y en las relaciones con la Iglesia luterana y otras denominaciones.

-Rusia: activo en las relaciones ecuménicas con otras iglesias ortodoxas.

-Brazil: Compleción de la Catedral del Arzobispo Dom Lucas, felicidades! 

December 17th, A. D. 2017

Thank you all who came today to the Christmas Concert! Thank you to the beautiful voices of "Singout Detroit"!    

It was a beautiful and uplifting concert to praise God for the coming of His beloved Son.

December 9th, A. D. 2017

Today we had Santa Clause for our Neighborhood Children. About a 100 children, age 1-12, received gifts. Everyone had fun. Special thanks to all our volunteers for their wonderful work!

December 7th, A. D. 2017

Mr. Mitch Albom did the best fundraiser Radiothon ever to raise money to help Detroit in many ways, like children's organizations, the veterans, including churches. We were invited to give testimony for their help!     Thank you Mitch and all the volunteers!

Prayers for our Church Synod in Latin America, held in Costa Rica, starting November 17, A. D. 2017.

Thank you all for coming to celebrate the 160 Anniversary of our beloved St.Anthony Parish!
The weather was perfect. Everybody had a good time! Long live our historic St. Anthony Cathedral!

We thank God for the gift of Sr. Maria Fabiola who took her Franciscan Vows. Welcome Sister M. Fabiola to our Order! Blessings!

Many blessings to our newlyweds, John and Kimberly,on this special July 7th, 2017, it is indeed a special day!

June 13th
  Saint Anthony. Patron of the Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony
Beloved Saint Anthony! Thank you for your love for Jesus! Thank you for helping so many people in need. May we follow Jesus more closely so to see God in the Glory of Heaven. Amen
Below St. Anthony's statue in the Sunday Morning Sun

Intercede for us, Saint Anthony, our beloved Patron Saint! 
Today we were celebrating his day as on Tuesday it is hard for people to come to church.

Summer 2017

The Detroit Muscle Crew II from Mitch Albom's "Hole in the Roof Foundation" which granted us $5K to replace 18 windows that were over a hundred years old, and repairs on several doors.
We are so blessed and forever grateful!!
Thank you guys for your hard work!!
Thank you Mitch and Jo'Ann, many blessings to you all!!

Blessed Easter to you all. May the risen Christ lift up your faith, may you always walk with HIM toward our Heavenly Kingdom!

Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ
Iglesia Católica Ecuménica de Cristo
Ökumenische Katholische Kirche Christi
Ecumenical Kanisa Katoliki la Kristo
Œcuménique Église catholique du Christ
კონსტანტინეპოლის კათოლიკური ეკლესია ქრისტეს
Вселенската католическа църква на Христос
Вселенский католическая церковь Христа
 كنيسة المسيح الكاثوليكية المسكونية 
Igreja Catolica Ecumenica De Cristo
Chiesa Cattolica Ecumenica Di Cristo

Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, 
Latin America New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, 
Ukraine, The Caribbean, The Philippines, USA       

Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ
International Headquarters
5247 Sheridan Street
Detroit, MI 48213

Please share with all you know

Easter A. D. 2017

Christus resurexit vere, Hallelujah!

The Peace, Irene, Pace, Paix, Mir, Friede of the risen Lord be with you all
 in our worldwide missions of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ!
  This year's Paschal celebrations are overshadowed by many evil forces seeking the destruction of the world in which we live, and that can lead inevitably to the annihilation of the human race. 

    But as Christians we are reminded that the death of Jesus, the Son of God and the Messiah brought salvation to all of humanity, and this is the solemn promise we have to carry on in our faith lives: to live with Jesus in our hearts, no matter what. 

    We shall not be frightened and succumb to new deceiving world powers who seek their own interests, but abandon the basic principles of humanity: the care and outreach for all in need, the poor, the hungry, the imprisoned, the suffering of millions living in famine, the widespread epidemics of illnesses that plague millions in this world. The threat of new wars, the massacres of so many civilians by brutal and corrupt regimes. The coldness of modern societies that are driven by egocentric and selfish behaviors that live as there is no God, the new wave of destruction of the environment only for the profiteering of a few...

    The powerlessness we feel is a sign that our faith needs to hear the message of Christ and that by following him, we are with him in the experience of his agony in Gethsemane, his torture and humiliation under Pilate, the abandonment by his followers, the suffering and dying on the Cross shedding his last drop of blood sealing the salvivic moment once and for all in History...
    Therefore we can never avoid to take on our own Cross, seeing in it Christ, and giving our assistance for so many to find HIM.
    Yet Salvation is not complete if the brutal experience of HIS death leaves no hope. And this is the difference we see in the light of Faith that we are called to eternal life because of the resurrection of Christ, the Firstborn. 
    The new and everlasting covenant that Christ sealed for us is once and for all. There will be no other covenant, there is only one life and one resurrection for each one of us. 

    Let us all live toward this goal of our faith in which God shows us the Love that surpasses all that the eye can see, of which we have heard, and of which our heart is filled with this deep joy that no one ever can take from us.

    Let us all live as a Christian people to seek always the best in everyone given into our care, to understand always with the eyes of faith, to see through the darkness of this world toward the Light that Christ is among us, to await the Glory of God that will be given to us one day as we walk in the Holy Spirit eagerly forward.

    Let us live as Church families encouraged by the Good News that HE is risen and alive, not only going ahead of us to Galilee, but moving us as a community of faith that will not cease to trust in God, and to do all the good work for all those given into our care.

    And let us not be silenced by the evil forces in this world, but to make our voices heard toward injustice, and inequality, for peace, and to resist the forces in society that discriminate and destroy the lives of minority families, to speak up against war, but to support the suffering everywhere...

    Be not afraid, God is with us as we love and care for each other!

May we also live more toward reforms in the Church and seek more Unity among the Christian Churches. 
Below is letter that was written to Kevin Cardinal Farrell.

I wish you an all your loved ones, a Blessed and Joyous Easter!
With my prayers and love for you all,
Official Letter to:     
Cardinal Kevin Farrell
Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life
Palazzo San Calisto
00120Vatican City State
Hand-delivered by Sr. Filo Hirota

Your Eminence:
A very Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you! Since writing to you in September of last year (letters enclosed), we’d like to update you on our work and seek a way of collaborating with you and your office. We understand that you’ve hired some 75 people to staff your office and are encouraged by this step taken by you.

We are pleased by Pope Francis choice of you as one of the new Cardinals. We are gratified to know that you share the Holy Father’s pastoral vision for the church and have long pushed for a greater involvement of the laity in the life of the church. With the understanding that your dicastery will “have responsibility for lay associations and movements in the church,” we would like to begin by offering our support for the event you are planning.

We understand that your office will be organizing an international meeting from the 5th to the 8th of April of this year on the theme From Krakow to Panama: the Synod journeying with the young. We would like to offer support for this event through online technology thereby facilitating the participation of those who cannot be physically present in Rome. Being a global movement, we see our role as connecting people and events worldwide that support Pope Francis’s vision of a more welcoming, nurturing, inclusive church – whether lay or clergy initiated. By way of example, on the night of April 7 you plan to host a concert by GEN Rosso e Verde in the Sala Sinopoli of the “Parco della Musica” Auditorium in Rome. If your hope is for this to serve as a dialogue between young believers and all their peers, we could extend that dialogue by inviting more young people outside of Rome to participate through our online gathering. If you would be agreeable to allow us to broadcast your presentation online via Zoom technology, we could in turn invite other university students and young people from around the world to see, hear, and, if appropriate, share in the dialogue. 

In addition, a questionnaire is anticipated to be released by the Vatican as the first part of the Preparatory Document, “Young People in today’s world” and that a study seminar is planned for the month of September to which specialists will be invited from various countries. Not only do we plan to promote the questionnaire among young people but, if it is true that this meeting will be open to all those who wish to participate, again we could widen the participation by inviting online guests to join in the meeting. These are just two examples of possible ways that we could offer our support to you. 

There are some programs being organized by various Conferences of Bishops such as the National Gathering of Base Christian Communities (Intereclesial das Comunidades Eclesiais de Base) in Londrina Brazil in January 2018 and the Plenary Synod in Australia in 2020. We are currently exploring the possibility of increasing the attendance for these by adding online guests who cannot be physically present. One of our team members will be in Rio de Janeiro next week and plans to meet with the staff of Iser Assessoria, the planning office of this event. We understand that this NGO was created at the ISER - Institute for Religious Studies- in 1982 and is dedicated to supporting participative democracy in the political and ecclesial areas of society.

In addition, there are several lay-initiated conferences which we hope to support and add participants through online technology: 
  • April 1 – 6, 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia: organized by the Asian Lay Leaders (ALL) Forum, an umbrella organization composed of five groups in Asia. We are working with Paul Hwang, director of All Forum, who will be hosting this Youth Forum with theologians addressing the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) in Indonesian Ecological Sustainability, Genuine Human Development, Triple Dialogue of FABC, EvangelliGaudium and Laudato Si.
  • July 19-23, 2017 in Bangalore, India: a gathering of the International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology (INSeCT) who, for the last 3 years, have focused their discussion on Gender and Ecclesiology and will discuss here the future of INSeCT.
  • November 15 – 18, 2018 in Aparecida, Brazil: Forum of the People of God organized by Global Council Network to be structured in a synodal type format.
  • 2021 Africa: Forum of the People of God (time and place to be determined)
But, your Eminence, how much more successful such gatherings could be if your office and our organizations worked in collaboration with one another to promote all events of this kind – whether clergy or lay initiated.

Sr. Filo Hirota, co-director of Catholic Church Reform Int’l, has kindly agreed to hand-deliver this letter to your office. We look forward to hearing back from you and exploring possible ways that we can build the reign of God on earth through our joint effort.

Extending our prayers and support for the success of this newly established Dicastery of the Laity and looking forward to working with you, 
Catholic Church Reform International
Kochurani Abraham, Kerala, India
Clyde Christofferson, Virginia, U.S.
Barbara Dreher, CSJ, U.S.
Paul Hwang, Korea
Paschal Kearney CSSp, Australia  
Peter Mbuchi Methu, Kenya
Alloys Nyakundi, Kenya
Don Pribor, Mexico and Brazil
Rene Reid, Nevada, U.S.
Michael Redfearn, Canada
Christina Reymer, New Zealand
Virginia Saldanha, India
Ed Schreurs, Netherlands
Nessan Vaughan,  Ireland 
Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, International
Eastern Africa Small Christian Communities (SCCs) Training Team, Nairobi, Kenya
Indian Women’s Theological Forum, India
Church Citizen's Voice(CCV), India
Order of Franciscans Ecumenical, U.S.
Global Council Network, International
Tol Ardor, France


                               Holy Week 2017

                          Cathdedral: Palm Sunday 11:00 AM


                            Thursday Last Supper in Monastery Chapel 8:00 PM 

Cathedral: Good Friday at  2:30 PM Stations of the Cross 

followed by the Passion Liturgy. 

 Easter Night celebration in Monastery Chapel 8:00 PM

Cathedral: Easter Sunday Celebrations 11:00 AM

                          April 6th, A. D. 2017

We pray for the repose of our beloved church family member, Carl Fileman who went home to the Lord last night.  He will be missed greatly. He was our oldest church volunteer, just a couple weeks shy of his 86. Birthday.  May the good Lord reward you for all your love for St. Anthony and your work for the poor. 
Rest In Peace good brother!  May God's Angels receive you and may the Saints take you to the Holy City of The New Jerusalem.

March 25th, 2017

Welcome David Jonas to God's Family! May you grow more with Christ on your side, and see the beauty walking toward God's Kingdom. On this day of The Annunciation of Mary, may she protect you and your family! Be all blessed!

March 24th, 2017

Our Lauren and Joshua tied the knot. Wishing you God's richest blessings for your journey as husband and wife!
May you be blessed with children, health peace and always Love!

March 21st, 2017

We from the Cathedral of St. Anthony would like to thank Mr. Mitch Albom and Dr. Chad Audi for their great heart to help so many in need! Thank you for your donation to St. Anthony as we serve all of God's children! May you be very blessed and may all our work together bring our great and beloved city of Detroit to a brighter future! And Thank you so much to our tireless volunteers who are the backbone of our church family! Thank you to all the wonderful organizations we met today!

March 20th, 2017

Spring has arrived!
Wishing all a happy Spring Season!
Thanks to Dave for the big truck load of soil and dung for our Garden!
May God bless our garden to bring forth a good harvest!

Lenten Season 2017

Wishing you all a very blessed Season of Quaresma! May we find time to retreat and strengthen our faith!     May this Season fill your hearts with a deeper understanding of the Love of God toward us.  

1. Slimming your waistline

Lent is not a season for weight loss. Though Lent involves the taming of the physical, but the goal is to cultivate a spiritual hunger for God, not a slimmer physique.

2. To make God happy

Lent is not about controlling God, making him happy or less angry, simply by taking up classic Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting and generosity towards others.
God does not play along with silly games.

3. Curing an addiction

Lent as a spiritual journey is not about curing addictions. If you feel powerless to break a dependence on alcohol, sexual activity, gambling, drugs, overeating or any other vice, seek professional help from a counselor and an addiction recovery program in your church or community.

4. Showcasing your spiritual virtue

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them,” Jesus warned, “for then you will have no reward from your Father who is heaven” (Matthew 6:1). Whether we are fasting, praying more regularly or giving money to the poor, Jesus warns us against showcasing it.

5. Being a cool trend

Increasing numbers of people from all walks of life are practicing Lent, because many seems to observe it in some way. We may feel distant from God, but vaguely desire a tangible way to reignite our spirituality or to reconnect with ancient practices. Lent is about our relationship with God: Being in His presence and becoming one with him (Theosis).


December 18th, 2016

Christmas Concert at the Cathedral

December 10th, 2016 

Children Santa Clause

Christmas, and food.
God bless our children, and their families!

We celebrated Santa Clause for our Children!

About 120 children received their gifts from Santa after singing, talking about 

Thank you so much, our good volunteers who tirelessly helped to make this day happen!

Thank you to all the donors who gave and brought so much joy to the children!

Blessings to you all!

October 4th, A. D. 2016

St. Francis, Patron of our Order, St. Anthony and St. Clare, pray for us.
May your deep love for Christ and the Church inspire us to humble ourselves, so we can better serve God and His People, especially the poor and outcasts in society.                                                                                                  May all our services lead therefore to more Peace in the World! Happy name day Pope Francis!
Below, our St. Francis Statue at St. Anthony's Cathedral celebration.

September 24th, 2016

Our annual outdoor Food drive went very well! After 3 hours, Over 300 people took home plenty of food and produces. We want to thank all our tireless volunteers, the great and generous support from the Stinson Group, and Gleaners! They really made it happen. Also Thanks to Walgreens who provided free Flu shots.